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ตุลาคม 2552
30 ตุลาคม 2552
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Weekend plan..!

I will spend this weekend doing my workout, playing golf and the rest of the weekend is studying.
I realized that I’m getting older everyday , but no matter how old I’m. I try to go to the gym regularly in order to stay fit I’m asking myself about going out on Halloween night. I have been invited from someone for hanging out with them; I believe I can’t make it. There will be a big dinner at my place, 3-4 people are invited by our family.

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This is where I begin. My first entry. I’ve decided to write in this online, cause I don’t like my handwriting. Well, I might not write it everyday. However, I’ll try my best to keep it up, to write down to whatever I want and tell everyone what I feel.

Although this is my thing, you are always welcome to tag along too, maybe you can learn something and the same way I’ll learn something for you. Whatever you do…enjoy.

But there is one problem. English is not my language, so don’t expect me write perfect.

That’s all for now !
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