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Take leave for playing golf ..!

Yesterday, One of my golfer gangs called me for asking to play golf in the afternoon. He knew that I couldnt make it, because of ACSCs classes
I thought its not easy to meet up with them and then I rushed to see a professor to get the first take leave. After that, I was off from school and went to meet up with them.
The game was such a great fun. I got home around 1800 hrs, I was so exhausted, OMG ! I almost forget I had a big thing to do tomorrow. I had to get back to study and get ready for the presentation. Well, you know what? I wasnt worried about the things in the school that much, just wanted to graduateThats all.

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This is where I begin. My first entry. Ive decided to write in this online, cause I dont like my handwriting. Well, I might not write it everyday. However, Ill try my best to keep it up, to write down to whatever I want and tell everyone what I feel.

Although this is my thing, you are always welcome to tag along too, maybe you can learn something and the same way Ill learn something for you. Whatever you doenjoy.

But there is one problem. English is not my language, so dont expect me write perfect.

Thats all for now !
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