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Phi Phi island

We caught the speed boat that left only 15 minutes late and began our 45 minutes journey to Phi Phi. Once we got there. We quickly put on our swim stuff and went to cool off in the sea and sit in its shallow water where this time we were lucky enough to avoid jellyfish. However, we could swim amongst the coral and sea life that some local tour guides blatantly fed the fish as soon as we jumped in the water and saw them came around us looking for food.


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This is where I begin. My first entry. Ive decided to write in this online, cause I dont like my handwriting. Well, I might not write it everyday. However, Ill try my best to keep it up, to write down to whatever I want and tell everyone what I feel.

Although this is my thing, you are always welcome to tag along too, maybe you can learn something and the same way Ill learn something for you. Whatever you doenjoy.

But there is one problem. English is not my language, so dont expect me write perfect.

Thats all for now !
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