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Back to school (again)!!!

Just got the admission letter a couple days ago, I'm admitted to the graduate program!!! It'd been a very long time that I studied anyting seriously besides reading monthly nursing journal or do my continue education class, I hope I can get back on the horse quickly.

I'm so excited...I'll study MSN in Family nurse practitioner...the doctors that know me already said that I should specialized in Nephrology (Kidney) and work for their group after graduate. My friends joke to me that if I'm on-call for the doctors, they will call me at 2 AM and ask for stool softener for the patients ...I told them...'Sure, if I got wake up in the middle of the night for order of stool softener. I would order tap water enema for you to give to patient instead of any oral medication' (Nurses hate doing tap water enema!!!) '

Anyway, I'll not worry yet about my specialty because it's a year away. I will see down the road what I like best. Only thing I'm worry about is that will I be able to stay awake at night and study like when I was younger....since I have to do residency thing at the hospital like Physician assistance and medical student . I'm turn 30 now and my beauty sleep became quite importance to ....I guess, I have to stock up my cabinet with red-bull and strong coffee....


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