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มาดู Clow Card จาก Card Captor Sakura กัน

ลองมาดูกันว่ามีอะไรกันบ้าง ทั้งหมด 52 ใบ + และจาก The Movie อีก 2 ใบ เชิญชมได้เลย....(โหลดช้านิดนึง ใจเย็น ๆ นะจ๊ะ ^^)

The Windy
ONE OF THE ELEMENT CARDS: Looks like a woman with wings on her forehead. This is the first card Sakura deals with. It summons and controls the wind. (episode: Sakura and the Mysterious, Magical Book)

The Fly
Looks like a bird. The card puts wings on Sakura's sealing wand and enables her to fly. This is one of Sakura's most commonly used cards. (episode: Sakura and the Mysterious, Magical Book)

The Shadow
Looks like a dark figure in a cloak. The card captures shadows and gives them the power to manipulate the physical world. (episode: Sakura's Wonderful Friend)

The Watery
ONE OF THE ELEMENT CARDS: Looks like a mermaid with large pointy ears and a fish tail. Has the ability to control water. Sakura captures it at the town aquarium using the windy and fly cards. (episode: Sakura's Heart-Pounding First Date)

The Rain
Looks like a little girl in a clownish outfit on a raincloud. This card can create rain (a lot of it). Sakura captured it with the help of the watery card (during the episode: Sakura's Exhausting Sunday)

The Wood
Looks like a woman with covered with leaves and branches. This card can create vines, branches and roots to grow (it's used to form a wooden cage to capture the Jump card later on). Sakura didn't have to do much to capture it -- it was a very gentle and cooperative card (the episode: Sakura's Exhausting Sunday)

The Jump
Looks like a little pink animal. The card causes the user to jump high (when Sakura uses it, she gets little wings on her shoes). It was caught with the help of the wood after it mischieviously invaded a bunch of toys (episode: Sakura, the Panda, and the Cute Store)

The Illusion
Looks like a kaleidoscope. The card shows people what they (or the card's user) want them to see the most. (episode: Sakura and the Memory of her Mother)

The Silent
Looks like a woman in with her mouth covered. Whenever there was noise, it would teleport everyone outside. (episode: The Mysterious Painting)

The Thunder
Looks somewhat like a wolf. This card can create thunder and lightening. Sakura captured it with the help of Li and the Shadow card (during the episode: Sakura's Rival)

The Sword
Looks like a sword. Enables the user to become an expert with a sword. Sakura's friend Rita got it unknowingly with a new broach. (during the episode: Double Edged Sword) Li and Sakura struggle to calm Rita (who becomes a terrific fighter) and capture the card with the help of the illusion card.

The Flower
Looks like a dancing woman with pigtails, spreading flowers everywhere. The card causes flowers to appear everywhere. It wasn't a hard card to capture, since it's such a friendly one. (episode: Sakura's Flowery Sports Day)

The Shield
Looks like a shield with a wing on it. The card prevents things from being opened. Sakura defeats it using The Sword (episode: Sakura, Madison, and the Big House)

The Time
Looks like an old man holding an hour glass. This card controls the flow of time. Sakura reluctantly gets help from Li to capture the card. (episode: Time and Again)

The Power
Looks like a little girl in puffy pants. The card makes the user super strong. It sets out to free zoo animals while Sakura's class is on a field trip to the zoo (episode: Power Play). Li uses the Time Card to help capture it.

The Mist
Looks like a woman with pointed ears, eyes closed and arms folded in front of her. The card causes a haze that makes it difficult to see. Sakura captures it with the help of The Shadow card. (episode: Sakura and Cinderella)

The Storm
Looks like a girl with curly hair and boxing gloves. The storm card is a card that is found in episode: Sakura and the Memory of the Rainbow after Kero and Sakura had the fight. The storm card attacked Sakura and Li but they managed to best it. This card went to Li Showron (episode: Sakura and the Memory of the Rainbow)

The Float
Looks like a hot air balloon with wings. The float card is a magical flying spirit which isn't dangerous unless you fall from the great heights. It takes the form of a hot air balloon with wings. When Float is used as a card, it allows a person to float for a limited time. It could be used for walking across water without getting wet or to fly over obstacles. (episode: Sakura and the Memory of the Rainbow)

The Erase
Looks like a woman in a jester outfit. The card has the power to erase people and things. Li and Sakura battle it on another class field trip -- this time to an ancient shrine inside a cave (episode: The Cave)

The Glow
Looks like a fairy with a dark dress and wings and glowing orbs behind her. The glow card is a magical and gentle spirit which has the ability to illuminate objects and surroundings by sending out orbs of light that glow and sparkle. (episode: Sakura and the Summer Festival)

The Move
Looks like two wings carrying a small table. When Sakura uses the move card, Move enchants an object or a person with pink wings and Sakura can move the object. It however cannot move people or large objects long distances. (episode: Sakura and her Summer Homework)

The Fight
Looks like a woman with odd pony tails and clenched fists. The card gives the user great fighting skills. The card challenges people (including Meilin) to martial arts battles before Sakura finally captures it. (episode: The New Rival)

The Loop
Looks like a red Mobius loop. This card created a loop in a race that Li cut with his sword and Sakura cut with the Sword card. (episode: Sakura's Long Marathon)

The Sleep
Looks like a cute little pixie with wings and a wand. This card makes people fall asleep by sprinkling sleep dust on them. (episode: Sakura's Long Marathon)

The Song
Looks like a woman singing -- her dress has "strings" on it and there are music notes in the air. This card has the ability to give someone a beautiful voice or the ability to play in instrument beautifully. (episode: Sakura, Madison and the Beautiful Song)

The Little
Looks like a tiny young girl with a double pointed hat. The Little has the ability to shrink things down to a smaller size. (episode: Sakura's Little Adventure)

The Mirror
Looks like a girl (looking downward) with a mirror on her chest. This card creates a mirror image of its opponent (Sakura of course). (episode: Double Take)

The Maze
Looks like a hedge maze. The card has the ability to create a giant maze to trap its opponent (Sakura, Nikki and Meilin). (episode: No Way Out)

The Return
Looks like an old woman facing right holding a blue clock. The return card has the ability to send a person back in time. But it takes a lot of energy to do this, so the card is rarely used. (episode: Sakura and the Shrine of Memories)

The Shot
Looks like a girl facing left with long flowing hair, a black outfit and jester boots. Shoots a beam of energy at the first person it sees -- each shot is more accurate. Meilin buys it thinking it's a pretend Clow Card but it turns out to be a real one and Sakura had better capture it before it hits someone! (episode: Buyer Beware)

The Sweet
Looks like a sweet girl with a fluffy dress and a magic wand. The sweet card is a gentle spirit who has the power to turn whatever she touches into something sweet -- great for making candy! (episode: Sakura's Sweet Cooking)

The Dash
Looks like a fox with rabbit like ears. The card has the ability to make its user run very fast. Sakura's new friend Jessie finds the card and treats it as a pet. It makes Jessie very fast during track and field. Sakura has a hard time deciding whether to capture the card or let Jessie use it to win her race (episode: The Dash)

The Big
Looks like a girl in a damsel hat. The card makes things big. (episode: The Dragon Slayer)

The Create
Looks like a book with an 8 point star on the front. The card has the ability to create images when they're written in a book. Sakura's friend unknowingly uses the book to write her stories and creates all sorts of havoc (including a huge dragon) (episode: The Dragon Slayer)

The Change
Looks like a chameleon with a glowing eye. The card enables people to switch bodies. Kero and Li end up getting switched and Sakura has to capture the card to fix things (episode: The Switch)

The Freeze
Looks like a fancy gold fish with a blue gem on its head. The card freezes anyone it touches. On a class field trip skating, Sakura and Li battle the card to unfreeze their classmates. (episode: Ice Breaker)

The Firey
ONE OF THE ELEMENT CARDS: Looks like a winged person. This is the third element Sakura captures. (episode: The Third Element)

The Libra
Looks like a sun and moon scale. Can judge whether or not the target is telling the
truth and apply judgement.

The Arrow
Looks like a girl in a black dress, holding an arrow. Allows a person to become a perfect archer with infinite precision and dexterity. (episode: first card captor movie)

The Through
Looks like a woman jumping through a black hole. Enables the user to pass through a solid object.

The Wave
Looks like a wave or waterfall of water. Allows the user to manipulate water to create

The Bubbles
Looks like a girl with a mermaid tail and bubbles all around. Allows the user to create many soap suds like bubbles.

The Snow
Looks like a woman in a kimono. The card controls the weather causing powerful blizzards. (episode: Stormy Weather). The card causes unseasonable snow storms. Sakura captures it with the Firey card.

The Voice
Looks like a girl singing (a girl with wings). The card has the ability to take away or change someone's voice. (episode: Sakura and Madison's Disappearing Voice)

The Lock
Looks like a lock with wings on either side of the keyhole. The card has the power to lock something. (episode: Sakura's Happy Strawberry Hunt)

The Cloud
Looks like a woman with billowy hair and clothes, standing on a cloud. The card has the power to create clouds (episode: Under The Weather)

The Dream
Looks like a woman with a long cape with her hands coming together. The card has the ability to take over dreams (episode: Sakura and the Sakura in the Dream)

The Sand
Looks like a woman made of sand, standing on one foot. The card has the power to create and manipulate sand to form any shape. (episode: One Fateful Day)

The Twin
Looks like two boys in jack in the box outfits. The card can duplicate any object. Sakura, Meilin and Li have to cooperate as both card spirits have to be captured at the same time for the capture to work. (episode: Meilin's Story)

The Dark
Looks like a woman in black. Works with the light card. One of the most powerful cards in the deck. (episode: Sakura's Pitch-Black Literary Fest)

The Light
Looks like a woman in white. Works with the dark card. One of the most powerful cards in the deck. (episode: Sakura's Pitch-Black Literary Fest)

The Earthy
ONE OF THE ELEMENT CARDS: Looks like a woman in a long dress with green leaves on her hair. This is the fourth and last element card that Sakura must capture. It has the power to cause earthquakes, rock spikes and fissures. Capturing this card allowed Kero to return to his true form and Yue to appear

สำหรับในภาค The Movie ได้เพิ่มมาอีก 2 ใบ ก็คือ

The Lover

The Hope

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