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A Year Later, the Kate Middleton result is still Going strong
The Duchess of Cambridge is also a "fully fledged member" of the royal family now, but her result on fashion sales is still all her own.
(Time) as the one-year anniversary of the royal wedding of the century well, to date attracts closer, theres still no sign of the worlds fascination with the Duchess of Cambridge subsiding. Not that Catherine, aka Kate, notices. although shes indisputably one in every of the most photographed girls on the world, according to a royal source who spoke to CNN, Kate doesnt scrutinize the cameras, but its not deliberate. She blocks out the media. She forgets they're there. She has commented several times after an event that she forgot the cameras were there.


The same source noted that after a year of public engagements and royal appearances, Kate has been accepted as a fully fledged member of the family. yet whereas Kate can be comfortably settling into her role a year after the wedding, the publics interest is still as high as it was the day she got engaged to Prince William. She was not only a runner up for TIMEs Person of the Year in 2011 and included jointly of the most influential individuals in the world in the recent TIME one hundred list, but her result on the style world hasnt eased in the least. ꡵ҹѡ
Immediately following the royal couples engagement, the so-called Kate Middleton effect almost any garment she appeared in sold out in an exceedingly matter of days, if not hours became a well-documented phenomenon. And it appears that result is still going strong. throughout a politician royal appearance along with her husband on April twenty six, Kate wore a blue tweed Rebecca Taylor skirt-suit. at intervals half-hour, the outfit had sold out on-line.

Kate could often be praised for reinvigorating the British monarchy, but her impact on fashion retailers has been something of a mixed blessing. Obviously, increased sales are a boon for any business, but such is the force of Kates influence that several retailers reportedly find themselves struggling to keep up with the amount of orders. Which, inevitably, opens the door for counterfeits and knock-offs to fill the void, leading to lost sales.꡵

As Kate continues to regulate to her role as a royal it might do retailers well to follow suit, as its clear that the Duchess and her sartorial sway arent going anywhere soon.v

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