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I will keep the memories from Mu Ko Surin in the deepest of my mind.

First of all, I want to declare that this is my first time to write the blog in this website in English. Therefore my Emglish is not quite good. So sorry for some mistake in grammar or others.

Last weekend, 1-4 Dec. 2007, I went to travel at Mu Ko Surin, Pang Nga province. The people in this place are so kind and friendly.The staffs and other tourists also. The staffs served everyone with their smile and the tourist tried to help each other. These are the reason why I have to update this blog.

While we go to travel, we are more opening our mind. I feel that I'm easy to smile more than on my working day. Do you agree with me? Why we do not learn to smile easy?

In some dive of the trip at Ao Suthep, the tourist guide told us that the interesting was the red coralline. So I tried to find it but I had problem with the mask so I could not well swim to everyone to see it. And when I arrived there, everyone was back to the boat. Other tourist from other boat tried to told me that the red coralline was under my boat. I told him that I will wait to see it and told the boat driver to pick me up again. He said that he thought I was from his boat.

Finally even though my boat still parked there but I tried to see it and I can see it but I saw the white coralline and I told him I saw the white one. He rejected and said that it was red. I was so confuse. What's happen with my eyes? !!! Were my eyes color blind??? The guide shouted from the boat that the stem of leaf was red and the leaf was white but we called the red coralline. Oh! I'd got it. My eyes are OK.

After that I wanted to say thank you to that tourist but he swam away but I intent to do this when I met him again on the island. And I did it on the last day I lived there.

The new friendship that I got from this trip was from some doctor I met there. In the last dive of mine, he dived with my friend. At Ao Mai Ngam he did not dive so my friend and I had a good chance to talk with him. He was the doctor that chose to pay back for his dortor scholarship in Chumporn. And he was sent to be the doctor at Mu Ko Surin. He shared us that before Tsunami, he lived here for 6 months but after that event, the government does not want to loose the valuable persons. So it sends them for a short time, 1-2 weeks.

This time he went here to train the staffs of Mu Ko Surin National Park about first aid for the drowned people and CPR. Moreover he told that in the past, in the sea in front of the beach we can see many beautiful fishes, sea horses and colorful corals. We were excited and so pity that we will never see that again. I had a chance to dive in front of the beach, I think that it still was so beautiful. Unbelievable that so close the beach we can see the beautiful coral and colorful sea fishes. My friends shared him some snack and he did not reject. He was an operation doctor but so friendly. I think he never annoy to tell us about his doctor life. (I'm interested in the doctor life so I'm interested him.)

I was very like this moment. I think it was the nice memories. Although this was the first time we met each other but it was not important. The friendship is easy to happen when we open our mind. But the circumstance are so influance.

Try to think.

Do you ever want to know the person who sit beside you in the MRT, BTS or bus while you're going to work in the morning?
For me, I never interest him/her. In my thought when I'm going to work is how can I finish my job in time. But I throw it away before I go to travel. And if I try to know someone who I meet on the way to work, I'm sure that he/she will think I'm the abnormal people. Hahaha!!!

I'm not sure that why the friendship can easy happen when we go to travel. Is it possible? When we feel happy, the people who we met are nice and although when we do the strange things but we feel OK.

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