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Love You With All of My Heart
I want to be with you forever,
I won't ever do you wrong,
If only I could explain it to you,
I'd write you a love song.

Baby your the dream I see,
Every night when I'm asleep,
Your the best thing ever,
Your the girl I want to keep.
Your like the oxygen in the air,
You keep me breathing each day,
Every time you say I love you,
It takes my breath away.

I'm happy when I wake up,
I'm happy when I go to bed,
I'm happy knowing I have you,
I've been happy since the day we met.

Your the strength in my heart,
The pieces, the parts, love not hard, its keeping me moving,
instead of fallin' apart, the love I've been lookin' for, from the
very start, baby its you, your the one who deserves my heart.

I want to show you this baby,
If there is a way I can,
I will do all I can do,
To show you exactly where I stand.

I believe we can make it through anything,
We can be together this whole life long,
We can make it through all the bad times baby,
Because the feelings we have are very strong.

I want to hold you in my arms,
For more than ever and a day,
I want to explain to you how much I love you,
If I knew I wouldn't run out of words to say.

Baby this is the future I want,
Holding you high up in the air,
Knowing you are all mine,
Showing you I'm always there,
Being myself all the time,
Running my fingers through your hair,
Baby I want to be with you forever,
I hope you can see that I really care.
I'm here for you baby,
Please see that it's true,
You are my whole life,
My whole heart, and I love you.

This is to you Baby,
I can't see us ever falling apart,
I want to be with you always,
I Love You With All of My Heart!!

แบบว่าซึ้ง..ง..ง คิดถึงง๊า ....


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