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SUCH a long long time again that I've never updated here, I must say...

I love to hang around friends these days. One reason is that my office has a lot of guys with nicely habit so I prefer to sit here rather than go back to my quiet APT. Though my roommate is kind of talkative but she talk less this semester ^^"(yep, she currently studies in B-school and she hates presentation... and it's inevitable for this field). Basically, I have never thought that studying B-school would be tough.

Just doing presentation and creating report should be easily chewed isn't it?? Notwithstanding, in the real education, it is not easy like that. Many data have to be gathering, and conform all of the data to bring the potentially understandable result, report...whatsoever.

I now know it deeply that if we want to do a business, to search the relevant information needs a lot of effort to find the resources that meet exactly what I indeed require.

PS. I really wish that one day I will meet one guy who can change mine mind like this song. I would be so happy.
PS2. Anyway it might be too difficult 'cuz he has to bare a lots on me lol.

- ตอนนี้งานเริ่มเพลาๆลงแล้ว ดีใจจังเลย เหลือสอบตัวเดียว 2 อัน(มือกะคอม)
- อาทิตย์หน้าก้ Winter break ไมต้องไปทำงาน (สบายแต่อดได้ตังค์อะ)
- มีรายงานอีกอันส่งวันศุกร์

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sleep more on the break na

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