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S.O tells me long time ago that the language which can be express something the best and directly is English. She told me after listening the emotional tension of Earl spencer's applause to the lady Diana.

What do I think first is that is it really true ?
Well, so to speak as I'm Thai native speaker so I'm kindda bias to say no for sure. In Thai, we can tell a listener openly as we want, aren't we?

Why I raised this topic?? 555+

Since I borrowed the book, By the shores of silver lake written by Laura Ingalls Wilder..., so I brought this topic up to show the ability of Thai translater named "สุคนธรส". She traslated this series of books, Little House in the Big Wood", in a wonderful feeling.

First time that I ever read this book was the time when I studied in my high school. I had been addicted all of the book written by Laura immediately, I read all eight books in onlyone week ^^.. in Thai, of course.

Hence, I really suggest you who love the story relates to the real experiences in establishing homes in the US. (I think that she was borned on 1867 in the Big Wood)

At that time, the western lands were opened up to the settlers. Her family had moved on and on to the west. Wow I really love this Classic real story as the author made a picture of her life in what she described in the books.

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