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Easy Plastic Text with Layer Styles

In this Photoshop text effects tutorial, we're going to learn how to
use Photoshop's Layer Styles to easily make text look as if it's made
out of plastic. To create the effect, we're going to be using some
"contours" that we'll be loading in, since they're not readily available
to us by default, but don't worry, loading them is easy, and so is
everything else we'll be doing.

Here's the effect we're going for:

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: The final effect

Let's get started.

Step 1: Open A New Photoshop Document

The first thing we need to do is open a new document, so
let's do that quickly using the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+N
(Win) / Command+N (Mac). This brings up Photoshop's
New Document dialog box. Choose whichever size you like. I'm going to
use the preset size of 640x480, as circled below:

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: Creating a new document in <br>Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: Create
a new Photoshop document.

Step 2: Fill The Document With Black

Press the letter D on your keyboard to
reset your Foreground and Background colors, so black
becomes your Foreground color and white becomes your
Background color. Then use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Backspace
(Win) / Option+Delete (Mac) to fill your new document
with the Foreground color, which in this case is black:

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: The new document is now filled with <br>black.

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: Press
"Alt+Backspace" (Win) / "Option+Delete" (Mac) to fill the new document
with black.

Step 3: Add Your Text To The Document

Grab your Type tool from the Tools
palette, or press T to quickly access it with the
keyboard shortcut:

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: Selecting the Type tool from the <br>Tools palette.

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: Select
the Type tool from Photoshop's Tools palette.

Then, with the Type tool selected, go up to the Options
at the top of the screen and select your font. I'm going
to use Helvetica Rounded Black for mine. You can choose whichever font
you like from the ones you have installed on your system. A larger,
thicker font tends to work best for this effect:

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: Choosing the font in the Options <br>Bar.

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: Choose
your font in the Options Bar.

Press the letter X on your keyboard to
swap your Foreground and Background colors, so white
becomes your Foreground color. We're going to choose a better color for
our text using Layer Styles, but for now, white will do just fine. Then,
with your font chosen and white as your Foreground color, click inside
your document and add your text. I'm going to type the word "plastic":

Adobe Photoshop Text Effects: Typing the word 'plastic' into the <br>document.

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