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Website Buttons

In this Photoshop Tutorial you will be learning how to create some
nice rounded website buttons, as shown below:

Website Button

First Step:

Create a new file (File > New) with 200 x

Second Step:

Third Step:

Create a rounded rectangle using the rounded rectangle tool

Fourth Step:

Go to the layers box , right click on the layer select blending

Fifth Step:

Choose inner shadow, set the settings like this:

Result after doing inner shadow

Sixth Step:

Set foreground color to #9a4300

Seventh Step:

Open the blending options dialog again, choose gradient
set the settings like this:

Eight Step:

Choose stroke, set these settings:

Ninth Step:

Choose inner glow, set these settings:

Tenth Step:

Choose drop shadow, set these settings:

Eleventh Step:


Now add your text using the horizontal type tool

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