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- DRAFT – as of December 27, 2010

THIS AGREEMENT made on this 27th day of December Two thousand and ten

Mr. Somwang Chavananikul, residing at 262 Pattanakarn 53 Suanluang Bangkok 10250, hereinafter called the LESSOR (which expression shall mean and include its/their/hers/his legal heirs, legal representatives, nominee and assigns) of the ONE PART


Mr. – (Company Mr.Paul) residing at ……………………UK, hereinafter called the LESSEE.

The above parties agree as follows:

1. The LESSOR agrees to lease out and the LESSEE agrees to take lease from the LESSOR One Bedroom Condominium numbered 48/74, 9th floor, Life Condominium, Sathorn 10, Bangrak 10500, comprising of one bedroom, one bathroom, Living area, Kitchen, and balcony. The LESSOR will also provide furniture in the Condo, particulars of which are given in Schedule – “B” to this agreement hereunder.
The Condo will be used exclusively for residential purpose of the LESSEE in common with the owners and occupiers of the other portion of the building, entrances, doorways, staircase, lobbies and passage in the said premises leading to and from the demised Condo only for the purpose of thereto and from and hereinafter referred to as the demised condo and details as described in Schedule – “A”.

2. This Agreement shall commence with effect from the 27th of December, 2010 to 26th December 2011. This agreement is valid for a period of 12 months with effect from the Effective Date.

3. The LESSEE agrees to pay a monthly rent of Baht 22,000/- (Baht twenty two Thousand only) for the Condo every 27th of each month, which should be deposited directly to Kasikorn Bank Account number 026-2-91702-9 (A/C name Panupat Chavananikul).

During the execution of the agreement, the LESSEE also agrees to pay a Security Deposit to the LESSOR at the amount of Baht 44,000/- (Baht Forty four Thousand only) as a Security Deposit, which will be refunded on expiry / termination of this agreement by the LESSOR to the LESSEE as per terms mentioned in Clause 13 hereunder.

4. The LESSEE shall keep the place clean and fit and deliver the possession of the premises alongwith furnitures, fixtures and fittings in good condition except normal wear and tear. At the expiration or sooner termination of these presents quietly and peacefully to yeild up the demised Condo in good tenantable repair and condition and put the LESSOR in vacant possession thereof.

5. The LESSEE shall keep the Condo and maintain the Leased Premises alongwith its furnitures, fixtures and fittings. The LESSEE shall be liable for upkeep of the Condo and its furniture, fixtures and fittings.

6. The LESSEE agrees not to assign, transfer or grant sub-lease the whole or any part of the Condo or permit any person other than the said LESSEE to occupy the Condo. The Condo will be used exclusively for residential purpose of the LESSEE along with her family.

7. The LESSEE agrees not to make any structural additions and/or alterations in the Condo without the written permission of the LESSOR.

8. The LESSOR shall pay during the period of this agreement all taxes and duties whatsoever which are at present payable or imposed or charged upon the Condo to the Government authorities along with maintenance charges levied for the Juristic Person of the Building.

9. The LESSEE shall permit the LESSOR or his representatives to enter and inspect the Leased Premises upon prior information of at least 24 hours.

10. The LESSOR permits the LESSEE to install equipment and/or additional furnitures, fixtures and fittings or any addition of telephone connections at its cost in or upon the Condo or any part thereof. On the expiry of this agreement and/or earlier termination of this agreement as herein before mentioned, the LESSEE may remove any movable fittings and fixtures that brought by them, but they will make over possession immediately of the said Condo in the same condition as it was taken except reasonable wear and tear and will put the LESSOR in vacant peaceful possession of the Condo.

11. The LESSOR allows the LESSEE to hold the said flat quietly and enjoy the same for a period of 2 years, i.e. upto 27th December 2012 subject to a renewal of this agreement from 26th December 2011, on mutually agreed terms.

12. On the expiry of the demise and/or earlier termination, if the said premises and its furniture or equipment are damaged due to the fault of the LESSEE, the LESSEE shall pay such amount to the LESSOR as may be certified by a reputed Civil Engineer and an Electrical Engineer. The LESSOR shall be at liberty to adjust and/or appropriate the compensation from any other amount, which maybe due and unadjusted.

13. In event of the LESSEE failing to vacate the said unit on expiry or sooner termination of the agreement, the LESSEE shall be liable to pay compensation to the LESSOR for delay in vacating the said unit at the rate of Baht 1,000/- (Baht Thousand only) for each day of unauthorized occupation and use of the said unit as and by way of liquidated damages in addition to the monthly rent hereby reserved. This right shall be without prejudice to any other right/remedies available to LESSOR to get back vacant possession of the said unit.

14. If monthly rent for the Condo and for furnitures, fixtures and fittings as agreed, remains unpaid and in arrears for One month after the same becomes due in accordance with the provisions of these presents or if there by any breach of the covenants, conditions or stipulations herein contained and on the part of the LESSEE to be observed and performed it shall be lawful on the part of the LESSOR at any time thereinafter to put this demise at an end to re-enter in or upon the Condo or any part thereof and re-possess and enjoy the same without prejudice to any other right which the LESSOR may be entitled against the LESSEE.

15. Both the LESSOR and LESSEE will settle their differences, if any, amicably between themselves.

16. This agreement shall be subject to Jurisdiction of Courts in Thailand only.

ALL THAT Condo being on the One Bedroom Condominium numbered 48/74, 9th floor, Life Condominium, Sathorn 10, Bangrak 10500, comprising of one bedroom, one bathroom, Living area, Kitchen, and balcony TOGETHER WITH the right to use common areas, amenities and facilities in common with the other Owners and/or Occupiers of the said Building.


i) 1 new bed with necessary accessories (mattress, 2 Pillows, Blanket, 2 Side Pillows and Bed & pillow sheet)
ii) New Wardrobe with sliding mirror doors, bed side table, study desk, book rack, Book Shelf Stand, TV Stand, and cabinet.
iii) 2 new air conditioners
iv) New dining table with 2 chairs
v) Kitchenware (plates, wine glasses, placemats, etc…)
vi) Chandelier for Dining area, Lamp for bedroom, Electric lamp for Living Area
vii) 1 new water heater for bathroom
viii) 1 new sofa set, side table, center table
ix) TV Stand and Rack in the living room
x) 1 new SONY LCD 32” TV with home theatre
xi) 1 new Mitsubishi refrigerator
xii) 1 new Samsung Microwave
xiii) Kitchen cabinets
xiv) 1 automatic washing machine (front load)
xv) Curtains
xvi) 2 rugs for living area and bedroom

IN WITNESS THEREOF the parties hereto have set and subscribed their respective signed the mutual agreement on …… day, months and years first above written.

LESSOR at Bangkok in the presence of



LESSEE at Bangkok in the presence of



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