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The Click Five

2003 - Boston, Massachusetts


Joe Guese - Guitar
Kyle Patrick - Vocals
Joey Zehr - Drums
Ben Romans - Keyboards
Ethan Mentzer - Bass

Quote From old Vocalist Eric Dill:
"I want to give somebody else the thrill and excitement from the stage and records that others have given me."

Trivia Fact About the Click Five:
The band first met Kiss member Paul Stanley at Thanksgiving Dinner 2003 at the home of their tour manager Wayne Sharp.

The Click Five's rise to the rarefied atmosphere at the top of the pop charts has been swift. In May 2003, Joe Guese, Ethan Mentzer and Ben Romans were performing at a Berklee School Of Music showcase in Boston organized by professor Jeff Dorenfeld. He introduced them to music industry veteran Wayne Sharp who shared a plan for a chart-topping power pop group with matching suits and a particular appeal to teen girls.

Major Label Contract:
After the trio signed with Wayne Sharp, they quickly recruited Joey Zehr, a fellow Berklee student, to play drums, and he brought in Eric Dill, a childhood friend from Indianapolis, to be lead vocalist. The next step was recording a demo with producer Mike Denneen, best known for his work with Fountains Of Wayne. A four song demo landed them a major label recording contract with Lava, an Atlantic Records label, by the end of July 2004.

The Click Five became a high priority for Lava's artist development. The label secured the group an opening spot on Ashlee Simpson's concert tour. Before long, the group had generated their own loyal following and some attending the concert missed portions of Simpson's performance to take part in autograph sessions with the Click Five.

Climbing the Charts:
The Click Five's first recording was an EP created to sell at concert appearances. The EP included "Angel To You (Devil To Me)," co-written by Kiss' Paul Stanley. The band quickly sold over 10,000 copies of the EP to fans. This release was followed by the single "Just the Girl." It debuted at #90 on the Billboard Pop singles chart in mid-July 2005. By mid-August "Just the Girl" had become a fixture on MTV's TRL countdown and the group were wowing audiences as an opening act for the Backstreet Boys.

Greetings From Imrie House, the Click Five's first album, was released August 16, 2005. Entering the Billboard charts at #15 it was the highest charting debut of the year by a rock band. The Click Five returned in the spring of 2007 with the single "Jenny" preceding release of a sophomore album titled Modern Minds and Pastimes. The band also introduced a new lead singer, 20-year-old Kyle Patrick.

The Click Five From wikipedia.com

The Click Five is a band from Boston, Massachusetts.
They succeeded on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with the single, "Just The Girl" (written by Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger) from their debut album, Greetings from Imrie House, which was released on August 16, 2005.
Their second album, Modern Minds and Pastimes, was released on June 26, 2007.

Beginnings (2001-2004):
Joe Guese, Ben Romans, and Ethan Mentzer were in a band called "Oscar Bravo" at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, while Joey Zehr was the drummer in a peer band, "For Reasons Unseen." After the two college bands disbanded, Joe Guese, Ben Romans, Ethan Mentzer, and Joey Zehr formed The Click in 2004 while attending Berklee. The four musicians were searching for a lead singer for the newly-formed band, and Zehr called his childhood friend from Indianapolis, Indiana, Eric Dill, to audition, and subsequently offered him the role. He left his studies at Purdue University and moved into the band's house, which was dubbed, "Imrie House." The group played their first venue at the KISS 108 FM Hatchshell Concert on the Charles River in July 2004.

Debut Album and Tour (2004-2006):
The Click was signed to Lava Records in the fall of 2004, which was eventually combined with Atlantic Records. The group began recording songs for their debut album. They eventually changed their name to The Click Five because many other artists performed under the aforementioned name. In the Spring of 2005, The Click Five opened for Ashlee Simpson with Pepper's Ghost, and opened for The Backstreet Boys that summer. They filmed, and released a music video for their first single, "Just the Girl", in May and June, respectively. It stayed on MTV's Total Request Live countdown for more than forty days, peaking as the third most requested video. The debut album, Greetings from Imrie House, was released on August 16, 2005. The Click Five began an autumn 2005 tour with Ryan Cabrera and The Veronicas. Their second single, "Catch Your Wave", was released in November, accompanied with a music video. They began their first headlining tour in North America in the early months of 2006 followed by one in Singapore and Malaysia in April. They also played several venues in Japan in July 2006 and opened for McFly's arena tour across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Taking Five, New Direction, and New Album (2006-Present) :
In the fall of 2006, the band began filming a movie in Salt Lake City, Utah, called Taking Five. Consequently, Dill decided to leave the band to pursue a solo singing career as well as an acting career in Los Angeles, California. On March 9, 2007, the band posted an official announcement on its web site stating that Eric Dill had left the band. His replacement was later revealed to be singer/guitarist, Kyle Patrick, whom the band had found at Berklee College of Music. The band musically began on a new direction, and released their first single, "Jenny", in the spring of 2007, and later released their second album, Modern Minds and Pastimes, on June 26, 2007 (which sold 5,800 copies in its debut week.)


Who is The Click Five?
The Click Five is a new school power pop band based out of Boston that is made up of:

Joey Zehr –Drums
Ethan Mentzer –Bass
Joe Guese –lead guitar
Ben Romans – Keys
Kyle *Patrick* - Vocals/Guitar

NOTE: TC5 had a lineup change recently! The Lead singer on their debut album "Greetings From Imrie House" was Eric Dill.

When are their birthdays?
Ben - February 10
Joe - January 14
Ethan - March 15
Joey - May 10
Kyle - May 20

What are their middle names?
[as reported on the boards:]
Ethan Daniel
Joey David
Ben Joesph
Joe Raymond
Kyle somethingorother

How did they meet up to make the band?
Joey, Ethan, Ben and Joe all went to school at Berklee in Boston.
Former lead singer Eric and Joey were from the same hometown in Indiana. Eric peaced out in late 2006/early 2007, and the new lead singer was found!!!

Who is Steve?
Steve Duchardt is The Click Five’s amazing tour manager. He eats chips and salsa when everyone else gets kids meals.

Who is Wolfy?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a plastic doll...he's in one of the tour diaries. Yep.

How can I meet them?
Sometimes their shows have meet and greet sessions. Most of the time, the guys will mill aorund the venue and meet fans.

Where can I listen to The Click Five’s music???
Check out their myspace: //www.myspace.com/theclick5
Their debut album “Greetings From Imrie House” is available at all fine music retail establishments, and their sophomore release "Modern Minds and Pastimes" will blow your mind on June 26th of this year.
The Click Five also has songs on Disney’s “Sky High” soundtrack, in Disney's "The Shaggy Dog" movie, MySpace Records Volume One album, the Hannah Montana soundtrack, and others. There are some exclusive tracks that can be found on iTunes.
Keep an eye on the music forum for more info.
ALSO! Keep your eye on the live section to see when they’re coming to your town

I want The Click Five to play at my party!!! How much money is it, etc etc etc???

Any questions about booking performances should be directed to Ruth Gonzalez at Creative Artists Agency ( RGonzalez@caa.com ).

When are the guys going to have an event in MY town?
The best way to keep up with events is to check the EVENTS PAGE (click here). Also it doesn't hurt to check pollstar.com, Ticketmaster.com, and Google every now and then.
Keep an eye out on the message board under the Live forum because people often post events that they find there!

Where can I get band merchandise/fan club membership?
The merch and fan club memberships are available at the online store on the main website. Their merchandise is also sold at their concerts. If you have any questions regarding the merchandise please feel free to send an email to custserv7@jsrdirect.com!


What is The Click Five's font, and how do I install it?
The font is Adler. You can download it for free by clicking HERE!
You have to have the newest version of WinZip which you can try for free at //www.winzip.com. Once the font is finished downloading winzip will pop up. If you downloaded the free trial, click "Use Evaluation Version" then keep clicking next until you reach something that says "Unzip then the filename" it will then unzip it then open a folder with the font. Keep this folder open while you open the fonts folder located in Control Panel. Then drag the font you downloaded into the fonts folder.

Is there a rivalry between BSB and TC5?
NO!!! Why would there be a rivalry? Here is what Joey said:
"if this is in print somewhere...it is a misquote...we have said countless times that we are different than bsb and other "boy bands" because we are!! there really can’t be many comparisons made except for the fact that we both love poppy music. we're different things..we are a rock band and they are a vocal group. i don’t think there is any debate there. we would never diss backstreet though..because not only are they our friends but we all acknowledge that they are extremely talented...and trust me none of us would ever say they lip-synch...because they don't and beyond that they are awesome singers. just wanted to clear it up before this rumor gets blown out of proportion"
So stop posting all the rivalry posts!

How do you make these little hearts? ♥
Type “& hearts;” (without the quotes and without the space)

Windows Movie Maker and screen shots (brought to you by Helen):
Screen shots
One way to do screenshots is if you have Windows Movie Maker. WMM, for short, is on the new Windows computers. This is a program that you could also do to make videos like the tour diaries.
First, open up WMM, then make sure 'tasks' is selected, which is on the top of the page. The left side will show a whole bunch of options. Select the 'import video' option. The video MUST be compatable with WMM. That usually means Windows Media format. The video will show up, sometimes in incriments, as picture icons in the middle of the page. Highlight all (click and drag mouse over, or click one and pressl 'ctrl' and a) and drag to the bottom of the page, which is the editer. It needs to get placed in the video section. Then play the video. Under the actual video, which plays on the right side, there are two buttons. One does splitting (which is for when you want to cut out some video) and the other is a still image. Just click on that, and it will save for you.
You cannot play a video from Windows Media, Quick Time, Real Player, etc, and expect that if you copy it to MS Paint that it will become a screen shot. Don't know why, but it doesn't. Dont try it. If you do, don't say I didn't warn you.

Windows Movie Maker Tutorial
To make videos on Windows Movie Maker, or WMM for short, is simple once you know how! It's really fun to mess around and create things. Only newer Windows have this program, though.
Once inside, familiarize yourself with the buttons. To see your collection of videos, click on 'collections' on the top of the page, or just click on the drop box of collections. Collections are anything you import to WMM. They show up in the middle of the page as icons. Videos may come in incriments. For options, click on 'tasks' which is next to 'collections.' The right side will show a list of options. The first set is for importing, the second is for transitions, titles, and special effects, the third is for saving/sending, and the forth is for teaching you how to use it.
1) Importing:
You may import sound, video, and pictures. It will show up in the middle of the page under the collections. As said before, videos may show up in incriments. If the sound, video, or picture, gets deleted off the computer, it will show up as an 'x' and cannot be used. WMM only accepts videos that are for Windows Media. When you want to use what you collected, drag what you want down to the bottom, which is the editing area. When dragging, it will only be placed in the proper category, which you will see when viewing the program.
2) Special Effects/Transitions/Titles:
Click on special effects and they will appear in place of your collections. Dont worry, your collections aren't gone. Click and drag your chosen special effect on top of your video. You can use some, such as the brighten or darken effect, more than once in one frame.
For Transitions, click and drag in between videos. This is why storyboard view is easlier.
If you want a title on, before, or after, select your desired frame and click on the titles option. It will continue to give you instructions.
3) Saving/Sending:
If you are not done with your video, go to 'file' and save the way you already know how. However, if you're finished, I do not recommend saving it that way. The reasons why are because if you choose to delete something off your computer that's included in the video, it will also be deleted off WMM. Also, if you upload it for us boardies to see, many can't see it because it would only play in WMM. This is why you save in this area...."save to computer."
4) Self help:
self explanatory, I would think.

The editing area:
You can view this area in two ways, as a storyboard or as a timeline. As said before, storyboard may be easier for transitions to be included. Timelines show how long the videos are. You can magnify closer if you need to pay attention to details time wise.) When playing what you have so far, under the video, you will see two buttons. If you want to cut out part of song or a video, you can do so by using the splitting button. If you want to make a screen shot you can do so by pressing the screen shot button. Another cool thing is that you can have sounds fade in an out by right clicking your mouse over a frame when it's in the editing area.
Also, you can record sounds yourself with the microphone button that's in the editing area. I personally do this when I want a song from a video or a song that I can't save properly.

I will warn you that there's been a couple of people (me and Jordanne) and possibly more who experience frequent freezing of the program. I recommend saving after every little thing if this happens for you. Frusterating, yes....but finishing products are worth it, haha.
Questions, please PM me. We have a million posts on this subject, so it's easier to just have a thread on it. If you still have questions, please PM me (Flotus) and I can help you out to the best of my knowledge.


Joe Guese - Guitar

Kyle Patrick - Vocals

Joey Zehr - Drums

Ben Romans - Keyboards

Ethan Mentzer - Bass

Pic :


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