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EZRA is now "Apple Black"

Many things happen to our lives...
The good ones and the bad ones, but the point is....
it happens and it will go away, depend on which one you will hold it as part of your memory.

EZRA have always been my family... but members have to do what they feel true to themselves...

therefore... I hereby declare to you a new band


Aki (Vo.)
Tarn (Bass)
Beer (Guitar)
Ton (Guitar)
Bom (Drum)


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*** EZRA Live in Tokyo Pic ***


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*** EZRA Live in Japan VDO Clip Blog***

VDO Clip from Japan Start!!!
go to
to see how we get through Tokyo!!!


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JRock the Explosion

This time I went on a special project by the name of
"Secret Sign"


Create Date : 29 กรกฎาคม 2551    
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*** EZRA Live in Tokyo 2008 ***


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Valentine's Month

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กรุงเทพ Thailand

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About Me:
My Name is Aki.
I'm half Japanese and Thai. Currently living in Thailand. I blog about fashion mostly, also beauty and anything fun. I love fashion, drawing, singing, swimming, eating, shopping, cycling, writing songs, blah blah blah...many more. I'm a God fearing person.


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