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Sunday 20th of Nov, 2011

Today is my Sunday Off from working, so i can have free time to do whatever i enjoy rather than working. Current economy here in US is very tough, we run retail store...most products we sell are not necessary things in people life, such as board games, card games, video games, our sales get hit hard. Last month and this month I was very frustrated with the sales number....actually that is my character i was get panic very easily.....i learn though when tough time, panic is OK as long as you understand that is your awareness and cautious, running business is meaning you do a lot of works by yourself...plenty of works, things you want to implement...and that what business is about....from our working 70-80 hrs / week...sometimes i got burn out....but luckily i don't do this by husband always stays close and go through with me...i really feel lucky to have him :). Many times i yell or become a bitch to him but most of the time he understand why i do that....I'm really really glad and happy to be with him.

Last night i just talked with him, how bad it will be if someone has to go through tough time such as lost job, stressful at work, etc and has no one to speak or talk with....That is really difficult time. If anyone has problems, hard time in life, has friends, family or spouses to speak with, that can help a LOT !!

This is tough time for a lot of business, the key to strive in this environment are:-

1. has low cost of running business
2. communicate with your existing customers, sometimes you have to emphasize your strength
3. generate new customers
4. Marketing is essential things to do daily
5. If retail, selections are the king !!
6. Diversify your products and selections. If some categories was down, you have to bring up another ones to balance.

Next month Christmas season, retail will be very busy so we will see the number compare with last year, that what we are looking forward to see !!

This year we have awesome period and slow period, i still look forward to next year...year 2012...year of a lot of plans and things to accomplish.
- new sales target
- new category in business
- 3 years built up machine done
- expand home
- baby project
- and I decide to be a "full time working mom" business full time and take care of my children when we have them !!
- It will be a lot of works but i have my husband will help and i do enjoy running business. I don't want to sacrifice anything !!

Happy holidays everyone !!


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