The Story of the Stone
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What is so special about this work? Why does it continue to cast its spell on today’s Chinese readers? One has to try to imagine a book that combines the qualities of Jane Austen – brilliantly observed accounts of Chinese psychology and personality, meticulous depiction of an aristocratic Chinese/Manchu household – with the grand sweep of a novel such as Vanity Fair or the works of Balzac. Its mood is allegorical, lyrical and philosophical. It leaves the reader with a visionary experience of the human condition, comparable to that of Proust. It’s a blend of Zen Buddhism and Taoism with the underlying theme of “seeing through the Red Dust” beyond the illusion of earthly “reality”.

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Sunday 13.09.2020 : What I talk about when I talk about running อ่านก่อนวิ่ง...มาราธอน ! Max Bulliboo
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MARS ลุ้นรักนักบิด : Fuyumi Souryo มาช้ายังดีกว่าไม่มา
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