Does pregnant woman feel like this?

I woke up last week feeling perfect. I slept quite late a night before and had a full 8 hours rest. I took a shower, washed my hair and got dress as usual. The minute I was about to get out of my room, it happened.

I felt a bit dizzy and decided to lay down, since then I couldnt get up by myself for several days. The whole world started spinning 200 miles per hour clockwise, counter clockwise like I got free ride at the space mountain. I tried to tilt my head and need an urgent puke. Although my head was spinning but my clean freak brain calculating.

I wont throw up on the floor, itll be a mess all over the room. My paper is on the room too, so NOWAY.
The nearest container is my Mandarina Duck purse cost 60kB, NO-FREAKING-WAY.
Puke on bed might be messy if I need to rest for more. NOWAY TOO!
And bla bla bla

So I decided to roll my blanket in a thick ball and P U K E ed, it goes. (if you are having breakfast, my apologies.)

Got help clean up by my maid and fall asleep.

Woke up again, my maid helped me to the restroom, tilted my head and sat up, P U KE ed, it goes.

Over n over till midnight.

I rushed to the hospital on a morning after, grabbed plastic bag like my 'precious (please make sound like LOTR.) All those times now n then..P U K E ed.

NO, Im far from pregnant. But someone mentioned that it sounds like morning sickness. H O L Y C R A P SSSS#@!*&, if I have to get that every morning for couples of months to get a baby, Ill stay single.

The doctor diagnosed and cured me. The story is not about what type of sickness I had so Ill end it this way.

Its my blog. (snobs face attached).

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