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'When nothing makes sense'

'When nothing makes sense'

When nothing makes sense
And I just want to curl up and die
All I have is nothing
As I try to reach for the sky
Why does my life mean nothing?
And why is nothing here?
Why do I feel like im a million miles away?
But still you feel so near.
Im surrounded by so many faces,
Yet I feel so alone
Nothing means anything anymore
Everyone seems like a clone.
Why is everything spiralling down?
And why is it going so fast?
Will I ever be ok again?
Will I ever be free at last?
Why do I always go wrong?
And say stuff I dont really mean?
Why cant anyone hear what I hear?
Or see what I have seen?
Why does everyone think I want attention?
Just because I write a goddamn song?
Why am I always waiting,
For nothing to come along?
Why do scissors look so friendly,
When I know it wont do any good?
Why do I find myself feeling,
Thing I never thought I could?
I just want to get away,
From everything I have ever known.
I just want to be around people,
And not feel so alone.
I just dont want to be confused.
I just dont want to be lost.
I will do what ever it takes,
I will pay every cost.
I just want to be free
From everything I have ever know.
I just want to be loved,
And never feel so alone...//

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