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'World Issues'

วันนี้เงียบเหงาไม่รู้ทำไร ก็เลยรื้อๆค้นๆ จัดๆเก็บของส่วนตัวบังเอิญไปเจอ
ของรักของหวงอันนี้เข้าในสมุด เก็บไว้นานแล้ว เป็นหนึ่งในหลายๆสิบที่
บันทึกไว้ อยากแบ่งให้เพื่อนๆได้อ่านบ้างเผื่อบางคนจะชอบ.....ลองอ่านดูนะ///

" If you like this poem, good for you. If not then tell me why please...."

'World Issues'

I know exactly what I want to write.
I am quite sure. I am full of words:
Black and white,
Purple and gold
Blood red
I can picture them now,
How they’d sound,
How they’d be heard.

Invariably they come out grey.

They fade in the wash,
They are battered by wind and sand,
They are lost or stolen –
Grasped by transparent hands,
Taken, broken, coated in dust.
Yes. Almost. They are lost.

I know exactly what I mean to say
But that’s not how it plays out.
Because there is far too much,
There are stars and people
And rain that falls too fast to touch or taste.

I would like to write about world issues,
The universe,
The meaning of life.
Kings, queens, and the common man,
Strife and struggle, pain overcome.
One world divided, a thousand souls.

Cold sand fills my eyes,
My keyboard, the nib of my pen –
and the hole where the words come out.

Yes. It blocks out the sun and the world
and the call of darkness and black holes.

And that is why I am writing this,
Instead of something that means anything at all..

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