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16 กรกฏาคม 2550
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By Your Side

This song is one of my favorite too. So smooth and silky, so elegant, what a great voice and song, and her band is very tight, Sade is awesome....

By Your Side

* You think I'd leave your side baby
You know be better than that
Think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees
I wouldn't do that
I'll tell you, you're right when you're wrong
Ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh, oh
And if only you could see into me

Ohh, when you're cold
I'll be there hold you tight to me
When you're on the outside
Baby, and you can't get in
I would show you
You're so much better than you know
When you're lost, you're alone
Can't get back again
I will find you darlin' and I'll bring you home

And if you want to cry
I am here to dry your eyes
You know time, you'll be fine

[Repeat *]

** Ohh, when you're cold
I'll be there hold you tight to me
Ohh, when you're alone
I'll be there by your side, baby

[Repeat **]

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