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กรกฏาคม 2550
12 กรกฏาคม 2550
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'Forever Gone'

'Forever Gone'

I walk in, my footsteps heavy,
My mind still can't accept that you have left me
Happy memories of us just won't stop replaying
Oh, baby, you were my essence of being

The closer I get, the more I fear
My heartbeat increses as I slowly near
Tears of disbelief and anger burning my eyes
We never even said our final goodbyes

There you lie, so peacefully
Covered by a snow-white sheet
Oh, why have you died?
Why didn't God take me?

I uncover your face with my trembling hand
Why did your precious life come to an end?
Droplets of blood over your lips
Which not so long ago gave me such a sweet kiss

As if burning in a raging fever
I place my fingers on your eyes
now closed forever.
And they'll never look at me with that familiar misccheif
My heart will be forever drenched in grief
A desperate cry leaves my mouth
A river of tears starts pouring out

God, this is more than just unfair
Never will I experience a thing but despair
I don't think I've ever felt so crappy
Never again will I be happy
Now that I'll be all alone
My heart will turn into a stone

Because you are Forever Gone

I'll never feel your strong hands pull me in an embrace
I'll never see your charming smile spread across your face
And never again will you love me so
Oh, baby, baby, I'll miss you, you know?

I don't see know how I'll go on
I don't see a way out of this mess
So I just close my heavy eyelids
And sink into everlasting sadness.

Now that I'll be all alone
My heart will turn into a stone

Because you are Forever Gone....

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