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Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn

Magazine Editor, Film Critic, Teacher, Independent Filmmaker, Independent Film Promoter, Writer, Subtitle Translater


Marrianne Quartet / DV / 2003 / 26 mins.

Graiwoot adores Faithless (Liv Ullmann, 2002), he sends one page of dialogue to 4 actress. And filming the story as they interpret. So we can see Marrianne (the lead character in Faithless) turned to be 4 thai girls doing different things : from talking to the mirror to crying to the girl in the picture, from acting like Jim Carrey to transforming to be a lesbian.

Marrianne Tango (Upcoming Projects / 2005)

A sequel to Marrianne Quartet. Now, Graiwoot adores documentary, and he wants to understand love. So he mixes his needs by filming the same 4 actress from his last film and searches the meaning of love in their lives.

Hearts ¹ (Upcoming Projects / 2005)

A Documentary about Me and My friend. We Both Have Problems of Our Heart.

Last : ѹ (Upcoming Projects / 2005)

One day we come, One day we go, but everything will gonna be alright, i believe.

25 (Upcoming Projects / 2006)

In Thai beliefs, when you enter 25 years old, bad things will happen to you. But Graiwoot sees it in different way. Pain comes and goes, Joy comes and goes. And this is the vdo diary around that moment in his life. From his 25th birthday to his 26th birthday.

- Producer

My First Boyfriend / DV / 2004 / 90 mins
Directed by Issara Maneewat
Produced by Thunska Pansittivorakul

Interview with a Woman (Upcoming Projects / 2005)
Directed by Issara Maneewat

Lonely City (Upcoming Projects / 2005)
Directed by Issara Maneewat


My Lovely Buddy (Upcoming Projects / 2005)
Directed by Anucha Boonyawattana

Subtitle Translater

You I Love
5x2 (Upcoming Projects / 2005)

Short Fiction

METROSEXUAL (Upcoming Projects / 2006)


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