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Black Friday Deals Archos 605 30 GB Portable Media Player - Refurbished (Silver)

List Price: $149.99
Discount Price: $149.99

Save Money: and Get Premium Quality
Available From 2 Sellers
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Archos 605 30 GB Portable Media Player - Refurbished (Silver)

>>> Only $149.99 Shop Now! The ARCHOS 605 WiFi features the most impressive combination of features in a portable video player. With its 4.3” touch screen, slim size, WiFi capabilities, 30gb hard drive and low price, the 605 WiFi is the flagship ARCHOS Portable Media Player (PMP). Easiest Access to Content: The Generation 5 line of PMPs from ARCHOS features the fastest, easiest way to access digital entertainment for downloading wirelessly to the device. With the ARCHOS Content Portal, the new 605 WiFi puts favorite movies, TV shows, music and more in the palm of your hand for purchase and download from any wireless hotspot and for enjoyment wherever you go. The ARCHOS 605 WiFi bridges the gap between the PC and the TV. For the first time, you can stream content from the PC or the Internet to the TV or PMPall through a wireless home network and the ARCHOS 605 WiFi and DVR Station. The ARCHOS 605 WiFi 4.3” touch screen features 800x480 resolution, offering the highest quality screen in a PMP device and a 30gb hard drive. Personalize It Your Way: ARCHOS introduces a truly personalized experience with the Generation 5 PMPs. You can customize the 605 WiFi with a variety of software plug-ins and accessories to make your ARCHOS fit your lifestyle perfectly. In addition to full Internet access, the Opera Browser plug-in puts Adobe Flash support on your ARCHOS PMP, which lets you access and enjoy YouTube and other Web video sites on your ARCHOS device. For the first time, you can both view and post YouTube videos wherever you are with a wireless connection and your ARCHOS PMP.

  • Play all your digital entertainment: movies, TV shows, photos and music
  • Record your favorite TV shows with the optional DVR Station, Stream and watch videos from your PC
  • Store up to 40 movies, 300,000 photos or 15,000 songs
  • Download movies and music directly on your PMP using the ARCHOS Content Portal, Internet enabled to surf the Web, share content, and access Web video sites (YouTube)
  • Enjoy the new high resolution 4.3?? touch screen (800x480 pixels), Customize your ARCHOS with accessories and plug-ins

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