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Black Friday Deals Video AV340 with Dvr 100 MODULEMPEG4 Video & MP3 Play/rec 40GB

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Video AV340 with Dvr 100 MODULEMPEG4 Video & MP3 Play/rec 40GB

>>> Only Visit store to see price Shop Now! Music, photos, video and data on the go! The ARCHOS Cinema to Go is an amazing handheld personal entertainment center. It combines a modular MP4 video player and recorder, MP3 music player and recorder, digital photo wallet and data storage in a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand. With the enclosed DVR attachment, you can record off your television, VCR or camcorder directly into MP4. What you will playback is an AVI format file with MPEG4-SP VHS quality video and MP3 stereo sound. It's like having a handheld TiVo! With hard drive capacities up to 80GB, you'll have more than enough room to enjoy your favorite movies while you're on the move. Complete MP3 functionality is also included: record directly into MP3 from any audio source! Listen to your MP3 tracks while the unit is connected to your home stereo, or take your tunes with you. You never need be without your favorite music as your entire CD collection fits on the Jukebox' hard disk, in the palm of your hand! The built-in microphone also enables you to use the unit as a voice recorder, so you'll never lose track of important thoughts when you're on the go. With their sizeable storage capacity and large LCD display, these units are ideal for your digital photography needs. Store thousands of photos for easy viewing by your family, friends, customers or colleagues. Connect your Jukebox to a TV and view videos and photos at full screen size.

  • Enjoy your entire collection of videos, photos, music and data on a device that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Store up to 80 hours of your favorite movies in near DVD quality and view them on the high resolution 3.8" color LCD or on a TV
  • Record directly from VCR, DVD or camcorder or from TV thru VCR or DVD connection
  • Store up to 600 hours of MP3 music
  • Store up 400,000 digital photos

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