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Black Friday 2010 Sharp LC 37GA8E - 37" Aquos LCD TV - widescreen - 720p - HD ready

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Sharp LC 37GA8E - 37" Aquos LCD TV - widescreen - 720p - HD ready

▷▷▷ Only Visit store to see price Shop Now! Sharp Electronics continues to lead the way through innovation in television technology with the launch of its latest range of LCD TVs, the first of its Aquos series of displays. The new models take full advantage of the key features of LCD, including an ultra-thin profile, light weight and excellent picture quality, combined with innovative design for a stylish, high performance alternative to traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs. C series presents truly portable, slimline TVs, that can be carried easily from room to room using the integral carry handle. They are also designed to be wall mountable for the ultimate example of modern TV viewing.

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