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Black Friday 2010 Sharp AQUOS D78 Series 52-inch LC-52D78UN 1080p LCD TV

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Sharp AQUOS D78 Series 52-inch LC-52D78UN 1080p LCD TV

▷▷▷ Only Visit store to see price Shop Now! The Sharp® LC-52D78UN television brings innovative depth and dimension to it all, so you are not just watching the action, you are just living it. The bliss of entertainment with AQUOS 52-inch 1080p LCD TV It comes with a full HD 1080p resolution to experience lifelike images and amazing details no matter how fast the action is. Featuring active color and contrast, fast response time and wide viewing angles, it also includes built-in ATSC / QAM / NTSC tuners, 3HDMI inputs and optical picture control. Additionally, the high brightness element allows you to put your LCD virtually anywhere even near windows, doors or other light sources and the picture is still vivid. You will also experience deeper, more natural blacks and extremely smooth action with 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced. Combining style and performance, the LC-52D78UN LCD indulges you with endless hours of viewing and listening pleasure.

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