SNSD - How are they doing in Japan? by silis7noy2 (from Soompi forums SNSD thread) - PART 2 (End)
Japan has very advanced infrastructures for concerts and indeed Japanese people go to many concerts and performances of all types. Even female idols have concerts at mini-theatres to tours. So Japanese are familiar with female group performances but even to Japanese people SNSD is something they have not really seen before.

* I understood the awesomeness of SNSD. Truly the greatest idol group of Korea. - 1224mn@twitter

* SNSD (concert) was amazing! Or in another sense, just shocking! I felt there was quite the difference in quality from those of Japanese. This isn't just a boom, I think it's a movement definitely occuring because of their no-compromise, ridiculous amount of hard work. This night I am reminded how I lived my life monotonously. - shoujitakashi@twitter

* Oh SNSD concert was the best! I was only going to watch Sooyoung but every member dances so well - and the amazing singing just had me - gyaee@twitter

* This is SNSD's level of excellence! Heck yeah! - hitokuchimemo@twitter

* SNSD concert it was an amazing concert. It was like watching a musical (^^) It's like SNSDLand for 3 hours. Everyone cute sings so well. The tight dancing is amazing. Everyone please go see it once (^.^) This is something that can be enjoyed by both girls and guys. - candoanifilms@twitter

* SNSD concert ended. The stage performance was beyond my expectations. There is no musical group like SNSD in Japan today. - keikes@twitter

* I think SNSD is really amazing. Had goosebumps like crazy. Yes, amazing!! - jyajcy@twitter

* Dancing intensely in high heels, running around all over the stage and under hot lightings, and belting out songs, changing costumes mutiple times. Yet always with unchanging smiles on their faces, I was again reminded what pros they are - yagipama@twitter

The 1st Japan Album had great reviews and surprised people who expected a typical idol album The success and reputation of this album has further cemented SNSD’s position in Japan as an artist group.

* There are no misses in the SNSD album ( ´∀`) - skull1037@twitter

* SNSD's album is too good it's trouble. Even as I study it keeps repeating in my head. - saku0122@twitter

* SNSD's first Japan album it is amazing... - taka_bbqchiba@twitter

* Overall a speedy feel is there and all the songs can be heard with a
smooth feel, then after listening is done the songs keep going around in your head. Really the addictiveness is outrageous. The perspectives and the lyrics are overwhelming. The girls' music, beauty, and the passions and ideals for their challenges in Japan, it all vividly passes down on me. - 雪@amazon

* Honestly I didn't think this album would be so refined for Japan and I
was surprised. The songs in the album are awfully good!! Their
popularity and level of excellence are the top class of Asia and yet
they have produced such high quality album for Japan my heart is moved. Because my huge SNSD fan daughter is in exam we had to give up the concert but next year both of us mom and daughter are looking forward to attending it. - みゅ-@amazon

* SNSD's album. Once again I am realizing their high level of
excellence... there are no blind spots in each of their singing. This is
the fruit of years of genuine training... - hirodady3@twitter

SNSD Japan Tour is truly one of the most talked-about concerts in recent memory in Japan, the word of mouth is spreading, "Shoujo Jidai sugoine"

The praises won't make SNSD think their concerts are perfect, because it's not. The experience gained from this tour will be part of SNSD's continued striving for the highest level of excellence as performers

* And the performances are evolving - 黒たこ焼き

* Honestly, on every aspect the concert has evolved since the Osaka one. Wonderful is the only word I can say - けんさん

* With this Arena Tour, I think the reputation of SNSD in Japan will
change. Talked about their beauty legs or have been compared to other idols, now they will now become a group beyond those kind of
discussions. - 公僕JP@fc2

* The SNSD hurricane, passed through with the greatest force. Hiroshima! Hiroshima! The best! The best! -サムゲタン

* SNSD's concert today, it was utterly overpowering. - tkdcg166@twitter

* I have fallen for SNSD in a way beyond anything imaginable - sanche_51@twitter

* The 3 hour SNSD concert has ended,,, I just can't find words to
express it, it was that wonderful... it's the concert that you must go
see! - austin_7014@twitter

* Unbelievable... SNSD is too dangerous my I can’t close my mouth.. (;´0 Д 0`) - zagiii0319@twitter

* SNSD ended. Overwhelmed by the amazingness I cannot put it into any words. - B_E_A_1975@twitter

* SNSD concert. The level of perfection is no joke. - rimota59@twitter

* SNSD Yoyogi was most awesome! Saw them close... Kawaii... My dad next to me said "If I express it in words it's only going to be a cliche! It was just great there's no other way to say it!" - yamoyamoyamo@twitter

* This is the first time female power in me was motivated like this - 192198@twitter

* Last night I was intoxicated by the high quality SNSD concert. Every
member was really working so hard to make everyone enjoy it. The person next to me was so exhilarated and kept crying... - masaminmin_415@twitter

SNSD concert delivers the most basic happiness of being entertained

* SNSD's concert was a 3 hour blockbuster. Honestly I didn't think it
would be this amazing! High quality entertainment. It was beautiful... -

* SNSD concert however you put it a moving experience! They certainly have the cuteness of idols, yet plenty of rock or musical-like elements were also staged, it was truly wonderful! - ayano_ok@twitter

* More than anything I am moved by the entertainment and the
performance! Today I went with my two daughters but I was also surprised and delighted by the diversity of the crowd... Isn't this is now a national people's event!... this is something different, yes, an
international entertainment! - JBJ@sblo@jp

* I'm back from SNSD concert. The stages were insanely spirited and it was also full of individual moments where you can be engrossed with - RYUTALO@twitter

* SNSD Yoyogi. A moving experience. Like watching a Las Vegas show, extravagantly staged in perfection... Truly, it's a gathering of
multi-talents capable of anything... That is this group - toshi-yato@twitter

* SNSD concert was incredible. 9 beauties with extraordinary figures
with such tight dancing is overpowering, but the high quality and
perfection of the entertainment factor also definitely stood out.... And
stunned by the singing abilities and dancing skills of the solo stages.
- sostenuto_hu@twitter

* I went to the SNSD concert... It was amazing... An ultimate of entertainment, there it was. - tottorifantasy@ameblo

* Today I went to the SNSD concert with my friend. Still cannot calm
down from the excitement. Just too divine. Truly they are my akogare. I want to be like them in every way that's how much I was endlessly
motivated. - yukko-dog@ameblo

* SNSD concert! It was different from any other concerts I've seen. Like a kingdom of dream, yes! Like being in Disneyland. -
soramame0025@twitter My link

* Definitely an overwhelming entertainment show... To younger generation
of women it must have been a stimulating experience.... All in all a
fantastic 3 hours, I've come to like all 9 even more - daal90w7@2ch

* SNSD's concert was the greatest!!! Now my luck is all spent - asu_umi@twitter

* ... they were like moving dolls, not humans of this world... I was
transfixed... This was just the greatest concert. Until now I have never
liked any female idols not like this. So I feel a bit weird. - leomaro816@ameblo

* I only saw them in videos and on TV so when I saw them playful and goofing around on stage my heart was enchanted...Those cute girls and being so stylish and singing and dancing like that no wonder they're so popular~... To be honest I was stunned how cute they were... - itsgoodtomee@ameblo (member of parody group Endojidai)

* SNSD Yoyogi... Big drops of tears coming out. Embarrassed I tried to hold it in, but the woman next to me was crying hard - klee_kitaji@twitter

And new fans are born

* The amazing thing about SNSD, you can see it in me. I used to have no interest whatsoever in music or idols. And now I have fallen for them and ended up buying the album. And ended up going to the concert LOL These girls are unbelievable LOL - IahQyQ+B@2ch

* After work today I'm going to SNSD's Saitama concert (^-^)v I don't
know any of their songs ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ一 Sorry to my friend who's going with me!

(next day)

Yesterday's SNSD concert, I was overwhelmed ( ☆∀☆) I thought they were just a hallyu idol but, their singing and dancing performances are
incredible (@ ̄□ ̄@; )!! I understood why Saitama Super Arena was packed ~(*^3^)/~☆They must be putting in incredible amount of hard work. First thing now shall I buy the CD ♪ - RyokoYamamoto21@twitter

* Today there are various businesses, and I'll be going to the SNSD
concert ~ I have somewhat memorized the members' names at least! Tiffany is cute

(later in the day)

I am back I am now a complete prisoner of SNSD... And everyone is so cute, singing so well and the styles just too great! If you see that in
person you simply cannot avoid being a fan... I bought the CD and towel goods. When I went I never thought it would end up like this! They are just too charming I am completely defeated... I didnt care for them at all before but Ma'am SNSD has taken over me~~!!! SNSD's performance is beyond amazing! I had never imagined it'd be this good...- 30chms@twitter

* I went to SNSD's concert on June 4th!! I didn't really have much
interest in SNSD... I don't know the names of any members... I was a
fool... (´Д`) Everyone you thought SNSD had great style? Exactly... Just
crazy good styles...and so cute first of all, it was a night of
excitement (´∀`) - yokoya723@ameblo

* SNSD concert is starting...

(4 hrs later) Breaking News: I have become an SNSD fan - baijumeiji@twitter

* To see SNSD's performance in person it was a truly moving experience. Singing, dancing... just really amazing!!
... Honestly until today my friend (who I went with) thought that SNSD
was merely a cute idol group and didn't really have any interest, but as
of today my friend has transformed into a big fan. My friend would
cheer loudly which is something rare, and I too was happy. - hello-himawari@ameblo

* My wife is an SNSD fan and I went with her to the Hiroshima concert... So amazing, that to say fairies have descended in front of my eyes would be an understantement!.. beautiful voices and with the solo stages of 9 the stadium is shockingly moved by their wonders. - onnsennasitubo@rakuten

* By accident at Yoyogi stadium I heard SNSD's concert sound leaking out and then I became a fan!! Lol - keechi_@twitter

* (After concert) From today I am a SNSD fan♪(´ε` ) - rutoschi@twitter

* ... the tightness of SNSD's performance is amazing,, I have been
anti-hallyu all along but finally I ended up noticing SNSD's awesomeness - kyn_dr@twitter

* Oh no. Been watching SNSD videos and it's already this hour! Ever
since I've been to the concert, it looks like I have fallen for them
completely. I have never fallen for anything like this since
L'Arc-en-Ciel 13 years ago! - Hiroki624@twitter

Japanese entertainers fall for SNSD

Lots of Japanese celebrities attended SNSD's tour, it caused a lot of
buzz because no female idols previously had this much attention from
Japanese entertainers. Many of these entertainers were very popular
comedians or gagmen, and many of them from Yoshimoto, a most powerful agency in Japanese entertainment. The public influence of these Yoshimoto gagmen is massively extensive in Japan (Think of the top Korean MC Yoo Jaesuk, and imagine dozens of them in force) , and their support for SNSD reflects a certain trend in the industry.

* So many entertainers have fallen for SNSD (^ -^)... they like other
idols too but clearly SNSD has the most entertainer fans and many of
them are entertainment industry giants! - llmisakin@twitter

* Too many entertainers are going to SNSD's concert ∑(゚∀゚ノ)ノ Looks like it's a boom among the entertainers circle. - eriemon77@twitter

Comments from Japanese entertainers who attended the concert

* I went to see the SNSD concert by myself...I hesitate to say this
[because this program is about other subject] but SNSD's performance is something totally different... I hope many Japanese idols go see SNSD's concert and see just how amazing their performance is - Okamura Takashi(Comedian. He was the MC when Sooyoung auditioned in Japan a decade ago)

* I'm up. Still haven't recovered from yesterday's SNSD excitement. I
heard from Savanna's Takahashi that "Even on next day SNSD hangover remains." but never thought it would really remain like this... - Miyaji Kensuke (Miyaji and Takahashi Shigeo both comedians)

* Between work I went to SNSD's concert! I was waving the penlight all the way * I met eyes with some of the members... I blushed ~ (´ε` ). I have a live show schedule now but GEE is repeating around inside my head (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) - Tamura Atsushi (Comedian)

* SNSD is dangerous! After the concert I shook hands with them in the
waiting room, but their unbearable cuteness made it agonizing rather
than happy. I keep repeating it but SNSD is dangerous! – motoichiadachi@twitter (screenwriter)

* Went to the SNSD concert. They were so fiercely cute. My husband was intensely looking forward to attending but couldn’t make it in time due to his shoot - Sakai Maki (Actress)

* The shock from today’s SNSD Osaka concert keeps me unable to sleep and I am drinking sake in the hotel room replaying the Japan debut album for the 4th time. This is bliss *Teary eyes*

I am so happy that I love Soshi. – Naito Yasuhiro (Comic artist – author of Trigun)

* ... I went to SNSD’s concert. My thoughts in a word, perfect! I’m at
this age and I was waving the penlight for 3 hours... to be honest,
yesterday’s SNSD show was shocking. - Dave Spector (American-in-Japan celebrity)

* I went. TO THE SNSD CONCERT... When you come back from seeing SNSD in person, it is so amazing that other idol groups become like "Eh... ok"... Incredible, really I have been given the chance of witnessing the concert from the real pros. - Nishio Hidetaka (Comedian)

* ... Okamura (the comedian) took me to SNSD's concert...To be honest I didn't really know about SNSD... To tell you the conclusion, from start to finish I became their prisoner. - COWCOW (Indie band)

* Oh I want to go to SNSD's concert in Korea.

Yesterday's SNSD concert was great.

No wait really! It's just too awesomest! Soshi! - Koumoto Junichi (Comedian)

* Shabekuri May 23 11 : I love SNSD... I can't describe them in a single sentence... Their dance is amazing... You know what it's like... When you see a member in center and you think she is the main... then moments later another member is at the center... then another then another... and the rest of members behind the center dancing in complete support... so you have to watch the video 9 times... then when you watch again this time looking at everything, you will go WOWWWWWW - Arita Teppei (Comedian)

* SNSD concert so awesome~ ( ´▽`)Yay~~~!! Was great, really! Great! - Fujimor Shingo(comedian)

* ... I'm going to try to go to the SNSD concert in Korea, I am talking
with other Soshi fans in Yoshimoto...I'm not a fan of idols, I just like
Soshi... - Gotoh Terumoto (Comedian)

* ... One member Sunny’s condition was very bad and she disappeared middle of show. And that too was quickly noticed by Zakiyama. “Yamasato, Sunny is gone.” Then hearing that she went to hospital Zakiyama would worry, “Will she be ok?”

But after the encore Sunny came back, and what do you think Zakiyama was like at that moment? He was crying haha that guy, crying like that I was so surprised. - Yamasato talking about Zakiyama (Comedians)

People in Japan are also starting to notice the character and discipline of SNSD

* SNSD's members have persevered through outrageous difficulties, they have the determination and tenacity, are hard working, and have high professionalism, they are really humanly respectable. On top of that they are cute, stylish, with bright personalities and kindness. They are really my akogare. - hinaayu2008@chiebukuro

* When I look at SNSD I get teary. I ponder, just how hard must you work to reach a level like this. - gw7TCt3X@2ch

* Thinking about how much hard work they must have put in to create an album like this I am deeply impressed.

Agonizing and difficult trainings, enduring negativities from ignorant
people, they must have gone through much hardships... This is not an
idol I am into, I am appreciating artistry...- ばっちょ@amazon

* But not just Sunny, other members are extremely busy too their
conditions must not be so great but they never show a tired face, such
true professionals, I thought! They are women with such strength, I
thought! More and more I have come to love Soshi - Michun@ameblo

* Randomly ended up watching the NHK SNSD Special. For around 20 year olds, they have extraordinary high principles and professional
determination, and the outstanding dancing too. Language skills too. It
isn't just the cuteness but the feel of a real deal idol par excellence
driven by constant hard work. More and more I am mesmerized. - komachiono@twitter

* NHK MJ SNSD Special, it was great. Each one of them wrote and told their mottos and those words were really great. Not just a typical idol I thought they were a group with class and intellect too - shoco_holic@twitter

* I saw the NHK SNSD special yesterday. From start they had the world in their sight and continued to work so hard for the goal, and I was inspired watching them. Instantly I became their fan~. - hokapokka@twitter

* I saw the SNSD Music Japan special.... Those girls are striving for
their very best in their lives, far more mature in their thinking than
any people bashing them... they make us care for them like our own
family it is the strange power they have SNSD.- ruwhachi@chiebukuro

And that special bond of this group doesn't go unnoticed

Sunny's incident was a big topic for Jsones and new fans

* SNSD Sunny returning in the end and the members hugging, I bawled at the sight - 8angel888devil8@twitter

* I am truly moved by SNSD's story!!! Sunny I love you. SNSD the greatest! I am going all the way with SNSD! - tvxqelfyukari@twitter

* ... Sunny was gone... everyone was confused I think. From around Oh! performance the crowd was singing Sunny's parts together, and I felt a sense of solidarity in the whole hall. - ネンミョン

* ... Really it must all have been so tiring for the members... but they
were giving all their best. I was truly moved. I knew they were amazing but they were beyond what I had thought, they were so much more than that. I think I got a peek of the amazing reasons why they remain as the top group - RWpl+wd@2ch

* ... the kizuna between the members made me tear up... Thank you. - snmm9dnw@twitter

(Japanese people are very fond of this word kizuna.
It is the theme of many novels and dramas. Kizuna means bond. The kind of kizuna Soshi has, that of a many member group tightly bonded with no main character, is a little different than usual so it is even more fascinating to Japanese people.)

* I went to SNSD's concert. First of all, I am so happy to be born in
this SHIDAE... SNSD exists only when the 9 are together. There cannot be anyone missing from this 9. I have come to understand it after
attending the concert. - aina213@ameblo

* I am so moved! Once again I was enlightened with how much of an
amazing group SNSD is. Sunny's condition was bad and she was gone (;ω; ) But she came back for us in the end that was close(;д; ) I was moved by the love the members had for Sunny... - taeyon09@ameblo

* To hold dear the people around me. Thinking and caring of each others. Always striving for the best enthusiastically, not just for self but
for others too. Loving oneself, coming to love someone. These are the
many things I've learned from Soshi. Everything I will engrave in my
heart, and support them with my best. Forever SNSD - m_m_snsd@twitter

* ... Different Soshi members would make pairs and hold hands naturally, it was awfully cute, and their closeness was conveyed to my heart. Really the greatest of concerts. I was moved many times and teared up - maricomsa@ameblo

* There were incidents but it's so great that I went to this very
concert!!! Truly !!!! I was moved by the strength of SNSD's kizuna
(*´;ω;`) - suzuran50@twitter

* SNSD really seems like a family. - toshio_126543@chiebukuro

* I'm back from the Soshi concert. It was like a dream, happening so
quickly. I am over-excited and it's hard to remember most of what
happened. Sunny and members' tears at the end I cannot forget... The 9 of SNSD are miracles. - mq321@twitter

* 9 personalities without conflict, and connected by the strong kizuna SNSD is really the single one in the world - 0z2Sjhx+@2ch

So this is SNSD in Japan

* A species of idol that has never been encountered before - 佐々麻梨江@ameblo

* Those movements are like little devils or female leopards coming on to
seduce you. One can feel the similarity to the excitement and pleasing
flow of watching a musical... I think this group will become something
beyond the categorization of hallyu or kpop.- ベルちゃん@amazon

* SNSD is like the Thousand-hand Bodhisattva - snsdthread@2ch

* The miracle group. At this point, I cannot think of any other words to describe them. - 0z2Sjhx+@2ch

* All in all I think Soshi is really the best idol group today... such
high level of excellence... that to people of various countries, they
have become the standard... Even as they are such a historical group,
they are also here right in front of us waving their hands at us with
all their hearts, it is such a grateful thing that they exist... This is
a group that I think there would be further re-evaluations later in
history. - magma890@hatena (Jsone since 2008 when jsones were really rare, some of his pics were posted in this thread)

* The shock SNSD has given me. It is like the shock of when I encountered Star Wars at young age -kajiwara_LC@twitter

* There are groups who can sing, or groups who can dance, but Soshi is altogether different. The aura is different. - 7NLHMIR2@2ch

* There was a lecture about "Today's Japan doesnt have enough
professional spirits", and SNSD was discussed. Even the professor is
into SNSD! - max_ryoari@twitter

* SNSD is a hybrid. - swhiromi@twitter

* I am thinking Korea's SNSD is the black ship. Ever since watching their performance on Youtube, I am mesmerized by the [talents and the hard work]. - hiroxpepe@twitter

Black ships refer to the Western ships that arrived in Japan in the 19th century. The arrival eventually helped
bring about dramatic social and industrial changes in Japan resulting in
modernization. Thus black ship refers to something arriving from overseas that has potential to bring about revolutionary changes.

* The industry people who have seen the SNSD concert, I wonder what they are thinking? An all-out black ship arriving is this not? - yuyaren@twitter

* the radio show the director asked me, "Mr Mogi, dont you know SNSD?"

"No I don't know."

The director then showed me their videos on the internet. Right at first
sight, I was stunned... in their movements, there was an impact that
can be described as,"I have only seen something that I have never seen heretofore". One can say, the black ship arriving in the world of idols. - Mogi Kenichiro(Brain scientist)

* It seemed like there were quite a few industry insiders attending the
concert. SNSD is a different type unseen in Japan before so it looks
like not only among entertainers but the industry is watching with keen
interest. - me11Iob@2ch

* ... the word "idol" in Japan, its meaning may again change because of SNSD. Asia and the world as their target, they are globalizing even the concept of fanbase gender. And how would the black ship "SNSD' change the entertainment industry of Japan which has become
compartmentalized... - digimonostation

* I say the conclusion. Here on, nothing surpassing SNSD will be born. - snsdthread@2ch

* 25 years ago I've seen the ultimate of kawaii with Kikuchi Momoko and watched the Okinawan ensembles take female group performance to higher levels. But SNSD is altogether different, a Newtype. Take them apart and you can see cuteness, coolness, charms, talents and whatnot and they are top notch in every one of these elements. But the gestalt is even more the story. - xindda (A very long time jpop watcher)

However, the ship is not black, but pink as seen in the concert :)

The journey continues.

Originally written, translated (the comments; from Japanese to English) and posted by silis7noy2 @ Soompi forums (SNSD Official Thread) :


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