My apartment in Yokohama is very closed to the office, normally I take about 2-3 minutes to get to the office.

Last night, I have to leave my laptop for downloading the software (EU7) in NRJ office at the 5th floor. Since I don't have any other entertainment tools at my apartment so far, so I stayed late in the office and watched my favorite movies (Sherlock Holmes and Poirot) in youtube, quit many crazy Japanese people were at work though.

At about 10.30PM, I walked out and headed to the toilet, it's outside the main room, and of course I wanted to go back to the office as the movie I watched was still not ended. On my way back, I realized that my (Ericsson's employee) card couldn't be used after 10PM (it is a note there- small one -mentions that I need to have another pass card to get in to the room after 10PM:o( ))) I knocked the door, but seemed that no one heard or paid attention to me !

Not much I could do - have to wait outside for some one to open the door. 10-15 minutes later, somebody made his way back home…I could get in to the room --- not too bad, haha :o)

I still enjoyed the movies even when it's over midnight, the software downloaded was ongoing. About quarter past after midnight, it's time to hit the hay, I headed back home but leaved my laptop there. I didn't have any problem to get out of the room at the 5th floor. But guessed what happened there, all the front doors of the building were closed -- again, I needed another pass card to get out after midnight -- no way to exist ! I wanted to cry, as I couldn't go back to the office nor got out of the building !

I walked back and forth at the ground floor area for about 15-20 minutes, no body came and help me out, and was thinking to call my MANAGER or my manager's manager ! Too bad- I've left my aussie phone in the office, and I couldn't remember anyone's number --jezzzzzzzzz

When I was about to start looking for somewhere to sleep, probably some small tiny corner there, the security guard walked out from the dark (actually, from the fire-exit door). He called and led me to the exit at the back of the building !!! peawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

I took almost half an hour to go back to my apartment….
Now I know that - don't get out of the room after 10PM and leave the office before midnight ( I have to run like Cinderella lah!)
I am truly the MAN who always have bad luck !


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happy valentine's day ka..


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Happy Valentines day ka

ปล. อ่านแล้วน่าเห็นใจ Cinderella ของเราจริงๆ เลย


โดย: mamminnie 14 กุมภาพันธ์ 2552 13:47:25 น.  



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