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30 กันยายน 2554
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"love"...on the other hand :)

does anyone used to luv somebody?

seems like...i used to hear many stories of loves...

luv is shining of life

luv is a lil pink sky

luv is powerful

luv is only You

luv is all around


for me,how come i hav no idea what luv is....

in my hold life...i also used to see many stories of luv
perhaps...i'm da one who still fall into da deepest dark hole

no one can pull me up...
from da hole that i digged by myself

da hole that i use to protect my mind

coz i used to be there....
da situation that got out of my hand

da situation that i gotta handle it

da situation that no one understand...

itz hard to pass that horrible time

n' i don't wanna let it be...

my past is a teacher
my future is so clear

without any suffering...

right now...i'm so calm in my own hole

such a peaceful place i ever had...

n' i truly make a promise with myself that
i won't let me soul be anguished again...

coz everythin' goes around comes around
you get what you give
you learn from da way you lived

i heard many scream from other soul

i'm afraid.........

don't wanna be a part of that sad story

coz ppl hav million thousand reasons to survive...
n' i pick one...da reason that make me smile...

with out faithful to luv

i do remind myself in every single day...
dont let anyone make you out of control

'cause you gotta be da one to hold
all suffering n' ur soul...in da end of all stories

perhaps...you'll lose ur mind
youself gonna go blind
when da luv comes to...be aware :)

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