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Before I've been here

After Ive graduated middle school names Saint Nicholas, I had been waiting for my mother pick me
up to live with her in USA. But while I was waiting I had to live with my uncle Vait.

This was the hardship in my life I didnt even think that I had to work as hard as other his laborers. And that wasnt so bad at all it was just a little thing I thought I could take care of it but I didnt expect that I had to do it for free.

Every the end of month I had to sit still and watching any laborers received salary. How would you feel even you did work as other people but you didnt get any money because youve ate foods at his home. May you think that was fair but for me I was 16 years old in that time I didnt want only have foods to eat for today.

I was a teenager I wanted any fashion clothes to be confident for hitting any girls you know. My work at first I had to wake up early to open the door before the worker arrived and they would take their cards to stamped the time showed that they had come that day and it was very good if not late.

I had to wake up 4.30 am to did it then I was going to take a shower. After I finished I had to warm the foods for uncle Vait. Well, I hated this kind of job as much as you hate your enemies. Everyday I was worrying about what uncle Vait would like to eat.

Most of time the foods that wasnt yummy for him I always received his complainings such as why today has no spicy foods, where are the vegetables and a lot thing I felt nervous every times when he was going to eat.

He seemed like he doesnt have legs to take care of himself. The building that we had been living that has 3 floors and the kitchen is in the top of the building and he was working, watching television, playing computer, etc. at the second floor.

When he was starving he had only yelled or called me so loud. I thought this was the best thing he could do. If I herd that I had to run to him as fast as he needs. Then listen carefully what he wanted me to do. Most of times he had called me to brought the foods from the third(top) floor of the building.

I had served him at second floor that he had been waiting for. This was the boring thing in my life. Why I had to do like that? Where is my mom? I was always thinking about to kill myself.

In that time I completely had no happiness. Well, but I wasn't give up yet I often believed my mom would come for me soon. After he was full I had to take care of dishes. I was washing them by my hands. This was a chore that I hate it also.

you know what uncle Vait couldnt eat regular food like other people. I had gone to fresh market to choose any stuff. Then I would be asking his friends to cook the foods for him.

I couldnt make any food for him I used to make one time hed been complaining a lot. Then I promise myself that I dare not to make it again. For one meal his foods has a lot kinds of foods for him to eat.

It causes many dishes to use. And it causes me to wash them also, I wouldnt complain if I had received money for do this. You might think I am selfish, yes I admited why other children same age at me they dont need to do, or they had done because they feel good they didnt get forced to do like me. I've ever told him to work outside instend becouse I felt tried these jobs.

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