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my sad love

In my life I have ever loved someone that I dont even know her. How I was known her. The first day I met her when I was making the project for Mr. Humphy class. I saw the computer had space to sit. But you know what this is the first time I met her. I have bliss when I sat near her. I knew that she is the one that I was waiting for. After that I always met her everyday. I didnt tell the word that it would from in my heart. Why I did love her? Well! I think because my life is always sad then when I met her. She looked so sad she has a beautiful eyes that I never seen before. Her eyes are dim light it wasnt look so good for someone else but me. She was lonely I stair at her every time when I got chances. But I know myself that she was beyond me. The one thing that I couldnt tell her that I love because I cant drive the car this is the most shame of my life. I was so afraid that I would love someone that she is smart than me. All I can do I just wish her to get the smart guy that better than me. I cant be with her every reason. I cant even speak English. I did know that someone told me the love, it doesnt depend on languages. I dont want her be with me and shames of herself. She might be the stupid in the world if shed chosen me. Then what else can I do? Noting isnt it? I did know that I dont regret for I didnt tell love with her. I do feel so happy that I didnt make her so sad that the damned boy over here, who is the most stupid in the world, has cashed in her. She might feel so shame of her life because of me. Im so sorry for I do love you. I hope you dont feel anything. You are the best I shouldnt make her feel embarrassing. I love her so much but Im not good enough for you. If I believe in God I would blame him that he made me like this but I dont. Then who else can I blame? Of course myself I am not good I live whit the poor family. Even my house I dont even have even the food for treat my self day by day it doesnt seem enough. I should blame my heart that cashed on someone who is higher than me a lot. I dont know if that good or not if I dont feel any love. I hate my self so much. I dont know why I am so sad. Can I blame my destination? This kind of stupid thing that you gave it to me, Have you knew that? Why dont you let me like everyone in my circumstance? I hope you would forget me as soon as possible. How come I dared to do like that? Why I didnt modest my self? But thanks to every things that made me love her. I did know once the world is the most beautiful that we should live for. Were waiting for our hopes everyday I think that is cool. In this life I cant be with but in my hope I would be able to be with you in next life.

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