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Today is fucking day I dont even know how to hit the girl. Well I like Ukraine girl but I dont know how to speak with. Im fear that she might not know or understand with my fucking English. What the fuck going on just now? Why cant I type like that? What wrong with my fucking grammar. I dont even know how to drive the car when I will be able to do so? What the fuck with my mother do I have to obey her every times? Where is the god? Then if I have to obey the question is why? I dont get it if some parents make their habit so bad the kids will not be able to disobey. Well I know you can answer this question you just told us to obey whatever. And some circumstances make the kids that always do wrong. What the fucking idiots about why dont you let them show ability. I dont understand why do I have to obey that if I think that wasnt right? Because the adults had done it before isnt it? Well if you think so then how are you sure that you did it well or enough to understand what its going to be? I have own experience even me I dont understand either such as to exercise if I did it and tell the kids after my generation that dont do it. They are going to hurt your muscle. Do you think that it makes any sense? My point is I want to tell you that someone doesnt have the same idea or thinking. Dont influence them to do whatever you think. You should let them do it if they want, after you have told them by your own experience. They should be smart enough to know by their instinct. Now I dont know why I have bliss I dont even do anything but I feel so-so. What the fuck going on I think like now I suppose to mad or something. Does any girl miss me so mush? I hope so if someone that like me. And they dare to talk with and tell love to me. I think I have to love them back do you think so? I dont know I appreciate them so much that they wasted time because of me. I think that is very awesome in my life if someone has been missing me. I like to type but I dont know how to type as well as others. I guess I have to practice this thing everyday but Im so boring to do like that but I think if we do because we love to I think it isnt so hard though. Well just now I have to walk for my mother. She wants the license to get her job. I think she cant do the job that she always lied to me that too hard. I didnt make the universe around me but I know because I have seen what have happened then I predicted that she couldnt do like that she just lied that make me to show her respect. Are you dreaming or something do you think I am blind? Ive been seeing that you cant even pick up the dish from dish machine cleaner. Do you really think that Im going to believe you whatever I said. You have lied to me a lot. You can make me to trust you any way. If you told me that you ever had been rich. Then what about damned thing in my life? You have treated me like a dog. I dont feel any rich people around. Fucking idiot could you please stop lying at me. Why you always blame others except you. Dont you think all these things because of your faults? How about let Egg learn because you want him to be soldier. But you knew nothing you think that wasted the money and then hes going to get diploma. This is all your faults that Ive never forgot. You did make us lax of money because your desire. What on earth that made you think fucking like that? How much you wasted? Have you ever count on it. That damned thing could even buy fucking nice car. Then if you show your habit like youd done. I suggest you, that you wouldnt get any respect form me. You will get from Egg, who is always following your direction even that wasnt good for him. But I warn you one thing if you always do like him is young. One day you will regret what ever youve done.

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