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Form now until forever... no I just don't know what topic would be :P

I haven't been here almost 2 years ... I just accidentally clicked on my Bloggang. And I saw my old article that I wrote them about 2 years ago. I was so shocked at first with my bad words that I used in that time. But they made me remember myself Smiley. In that time that I was so depressing very much with Love, family problem, and anything like I wanted like knowing how to drive the car Smiley. I was hoping that someday my step-dad would teach me how to drive and finally my hope came true. I was so stubborn a little bit, I used money to learn how to drive and you know I cad drive like now and I also know the secret that we don't need any money to know about this thing Smiley I wasn't listening to anyone then I lost my money for nothing. It's becoz I can drive but I still don't get my driving licence yet. You know what!! I don't know why either Smiley I think it's because someone cursed me I guess Smiley Driving test wasn't that hard but I didn't pass it because I was so nervous every time when I took the test. Well, I can help but I give up after the last time I asked my mom to let me go to the test but the car was broken in the right time... What the hex!! seriously!!! I only think God jus doesn't want me to drive yet. Fine I'm ok with it... About the older article that I wrote it before when I read them I really feel like it's not made any sense for me... I think it's becoz in that time whenever I write the article in English like this, I don't care about the sound, you know!!! Like... when I speak I don't speak  same as I write, so when it became the article it wouldn't be myself or it's hard to follow read and it's made us boring with that. I don't talk about any grammar yet there is tons of them that I used it so wrong in my previous articles Smiley. I love them anyways I can compare me by now and the older me that I have changed a little bit in positive way Smiley. In that time I usually think I'm the best in English, D: hell no how can I think like that I don't even know how to speak but so proud that I can write bwhaha... I'm so freaking shame for my old self Smiley. I jus know the secret that  I'm the regular human I can't be someone that so good if I'm the best so that means the world will get problem coz there would be a lot of dumb ppl. I'm so grad that I can think that myself is somewhere about the bottom of society, who isn't great at anything specific but jus knowing something a little bit such as little Eng and some easy math and plus so poor bahaha Smiley. Once I've ever have a dream to be like someone special but in that time I was so proud of myself Smiley I don't know why either I jus know how to making the website I got a big dream I would be rich if I do this or do that... What the hell!! such a dream Smiley but in reality I just want to be like everyone else that have some money to pay for food, rent, or anything that can make me to be convenient... I lost my desires about something that beyond my ability.. In another word I think I grow up I look at the thing that can be touchable and realistic. I don't care about Thai political anymore, well I can feel back then I was crazy about it, I felt like I was so smart when I talked about the political but now seriously whenever I heard some kind like that I think it's nonsense Smiley nobody will think that you smart especially when you have no job or even money to pay for food... Jess if we don't get any profit or can make us feel full or get any money I serious think can you do some better thing? I know! I know! It's so serious important for someone who like some kind like that stuff but if you can think a little you will see the point Smiley I bet you will think why do we have to be so hero about it we just regular ppl mannn Smiley


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