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I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow : The Soundtrack

O Brother Where Art Thou

Runnin' Three For Freedom

From a very kool work of The Coen Brothers who once made a great oscar movie Fargo.

If you guys really are the Oscar People, you won't be lettin' this movie pass you by.

O Brother Where Art Thou

The plot begins with three men from a chain gang in Mississippi escape and head for a treasure that Everett [ George Clooney ] has told the others about. He is chained to Pete [ John Turturro ] and Delmar [ Tim Blake Nelson ]

Run Brothers Run

The three men run into all kind of troubles along the road to the treasure they were seekin'.
One of the funniest scenes was when they wake up from a drunk after bein' seduced by three sirens. They soon discover that all that’s left of Pete is his clothes. In the clothes they discover a frog, who they believe is Pete. [ LOL ]

Seekin' For Somethin' Out There

Their misadventures are a delight to the senses, from their singin' as The Soggy Bottom Boys to runnin' into Babyface Nelson. They eventually meet up with Tommy Johnson who thinks he has sold his soul to the devil to become a singer.

While the boys are hidin' out and gettin' into mischief their song is becomin' a hit all over the counties.

They're Recordin' The Good Sorrow Song

Anyway, I wasn’t expected that this film is so kool to be entertained like it should be. Eventhough, the movie is so funny and refreshin' in a different way. The actors are perfect and the music is really great. Don't miss the good song " I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow " By The Soggy Bottom Boys.
The lyrics can make tears in your eyes. This I warn you already.

A Very Kool Soundtrack I like Mostly

Have fun, guys.



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