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Buddy, The Hero In The Sand

A funny movie for the moment of borin' life. Yes, It really helps.

Vegas Needs A New King

I was away for a couple weeks. Now I wanna talk about the DVD that I did see recently.
Okay, here we go...

Six-String Samurai
The film is set to happen in 1957 as The Russians won the big war. A lifeless isolation american named Buddy [ Jeffrey Falcon ]
headed to Las Vegas, where the presently deceased Elvis ruled as king for 40 years.
As the action begins in the sand, you will meet the rock & roll warriors from across the battered country tryin' to kill this guitar guy.
You're gonna like the way he fights for livin'...believe me.

Buddy With The Kid

Along the way, Buddy has met a real bad warriors who just needed to take his life. And also he was helpin' a boy called Kid [ Justin McGuire ] from a man-eatin' family.
Then they became a bad company to the end of the journey. Buddy, wearin' the broken glasses gotta fight with his old guitar as a samurai swordsman to protect the boy and his life as well.
It's quite ironic and smell a bit like a japanese epic movie which I can't remember the name.

For me, I don't care much about the plot but it's only Jeffrey Falcon I do care. I truly like his look. A man with glasses, talkless and madness are catchin' on my mind. I repeatly see this DVD for several times since I bought it from

A Man With An Old Guitar

I'm not comin' to spoil the end of the movie. All you gotta do is to find or figure out it yourself. I don't say it's kool. this I mean at least it's worth for spendin' your time on when feelin' bored of somethin' around.
Ain't it kool enuff ?

One thing I won't forget is the movie soundtrack. I'm deeply in love with the song " My Love Is Killin' Me by Red Elvises "
It plays by a russian band who loved Elvis Presley !
Awesome, they are.

Red Elvises The Russian Kool Band

I'm sorry if the song I uploaded is kinda nasty a bit.
But I do like the nice melody and a funny words in the lyrics, that's all.



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