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I'm So Tortured

When you are away, I don't feel okay but emptiness. And it seemed the whole world of mine is collapsed in all a sudden.

I tried my best not to think of the bad things comin' through my life. Anyhow, it's really really hard to keep smilin' when the inside is sadness.
Think about the good time we had, now it begins to be bad. What am I gonna do ?

I looked around and found there's no one left for me to turn to. Then I realized I was about to go insane. I choose to be like this by myself. So don't blame yourself, my dear. anythin' had happened coz our relationship is too complicated...that's the main reason, you know.

I will be apart from you for a while. One day far in the future, I will walk rite back to you.
Believe me, this way can be no pain to both of us.

And surely soon the happiness will wave hello to me and you again. Even it's just an illusion, but I'm gonna make it comes true for you.

Then for now....I gotta go


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I can see lust in you
I can see love in your eyes too
I can tell you are someone special
I can give you love without material
I can help you out of darkness
I can make you hot to hottest
I can do anythin' I want to
But only in my dreams not with you


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