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Lonely Morning...Lonesome Nite


My Lord, I pretend to be fine as I ever tried to.
Many strangers passin' me by, no one smiles.
They looked just like robots marchin' on to the battle field.
Will they ever know what life is ?
Do they have a lonely feelin' ?
Maybe it's only me, who fear for ev'rything.
Such a crazy girl, I am.

And then I turn back to where I belong.
It's too cold and darkness...
In this lonesome nite, I still can't find my soul again.



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Southern Star
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I can see lust in you
I can see love in your eyes too
I can tell you are someone special
I can give you love without material
I can help you out of darkness
I can make you hot to hottest
I can do anythin' I want to
But only in my dreams not with you


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