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Hello There !

1345 Local Time

Hi. This is the second time that I'm trying to write something on my blog (after I cancelled the first one long time ago). Nothing much I can do because I want to write my blog in Thai. I haven't write something in Thai for long long time, really. Everyday I go to Pantip dot com and read tons of topics right there, of course, I still can read and understand Thai really well but I feel like I'm going to lose my writing skill. What a shame !

And I'm about to lose my speaking skill also, I've been here in Boston for only two years. Even though I got some Thai friends who live all over the states that I can talk on the phone with, and I also make a phone call to my family in Thailand almost everyday, I don't think it could help at all. Most of my friends told me that I should talk to them in English. It would be a lot better than talking in Thai. Shame on me !!!

Damn !!! I'm not an English language expert. My English is not that good either. But I'm working on it, really.

Pray for me.


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