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พาเที่ยวจีน Beijing, China before earthquake

Here we are!!! Beijing, China before there was an earthquake just a few hours after I went back to Thailand.....Lucky me!!

Let's see my fat face........kiki

I just know that I got very fat after I saw my photo....T_T coz when I was here for a few days, I ate a lot and everything I really wanted to eat. That's why!!!

Start at Suvarnabhumi Airport........with my sweety luggage and my family. The departure time was 1.20am. I was so sleepy. Before going there, I check the weather and it was around 27C on Friday and a bit cooler on the weekend. So I didn't need any warm dress as you can see.

Hey! How come it was cool down to 15C!!!! Thanks my mom for bringing my jacket. ^^ Otherwise I was gonna be cold.

This is the first restaurant in Beijing for our breakfast after steped on China. But the food was terrible......-_-" (no taste). We hoped other meals would be better.

This is my parents and my bro. Below is our tour's group.

This is the ancient couple trees that Chinese people believe that if the couple come here and take photo with this trees, they would be last longer.

Beijing public telephone is very cute. And even the rubbish bin as you can see below is interesting.

Every place we went there is like the same style of building.

Here, we were at the shows, it was fantastic. The ticket price was about 180 Yuan per person.

This is the restaurant that our guide told us about the famous roast duck.......555.....I don't think it was good. Thai food is the best especially Chinese stuff in China town.

Next day, we went to jadeite factory. This was boring place for us but we were forced to visit there follow Chinese government. Their price were very high and some of us were cheated by seller. They gave them a 100 Yuan note but no changes from seller coz they said we paid just 50 Yuan. Damn!!! It was not just 1 person but up to 3 people. So be careful!!

Yeah! Finally, I got to Great Wall........it was very hot today. The thing is our guide gave us only 1.5 hours for this place that was ridiculous. You know what? They always brought us to such a boring place like jadeit factory, peal shop, tea house and massage....That was terrible and waste our time. T_T

Many people were there.

555 That's my parent. ^^ Then we went to restaurant again for hot pot....I tried once in Melbourne and that was terrible. Here, I think it was same, no taste just soup only water.

Here is Summer Palace. There are surrounding by lake.

Sarm-Lor in China 555

Massage place and tea house.

This is park and inside is the important place but I don't know how to call in English. There were many Chinese people playing local game and dancing. They looked fun. Unfortunately, it was rainning and very cold at that day otherwise I would enjoy more.

Then........it's time to shopping. This is Russia market the copy brand name stuffs. I got a lovely top but I spent long for neogotiation with them. They were very dodgy. How come just one top costs up to 500 Yuan, 2,500THB. Anyway I got it only 55 Yuan. kiki

This time I was exhausted. You know it didn't look like I went to China for a trip just nothing. So later on I ran away from my tour guide by telling him that I was going to toilet with my bro then we walked around. Finally, I found the local market, it was fabulous. I felt like I was in China now. Many people came to this market to buy fresh food and fruit. I saw the authentic bun like I was in Chinese movies. I enjoyed it very much. ^^ But we had to rush otherwise we couldn't get to the airport on time.

End of my trip...Fat Fat Fat........coz I ate too much, now I'm gonna be on diet again T_T


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