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A: How are things with you?

B: fine

A: Are you alone?

B: YYYes..

A: How about a coffee?

B: I'm sorry I didn't catch you.

A: Urr...Are you free tonight?

Here is my name card. :)

B: Asshole! Dont mess around with me.


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A: What the D goIng on out here?

B: Hey, Is somethIng wrong?

C: What Is happenIng? Need help?

D: Help me plz!!!

A: D are you okey?

B: Come on. Let me help you up

C: You got to lose some weight.man!

A: Where does it hurt?

D: My left leg was broken.

B: Let's get D to a hospital.

C: Hurry up!

B called to E

B: Hello!! It's me B. D left leg was broken. We sent him in A hospital.

E: Yeah, It wIll be all rIght. I'll talk to you about It later

B: Well, I'll see you there.All rIght


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A: Hey, what's up B?

B: Buddy, I thought you were goIng to start working out

A: What does that mean?

B: Um... you're fat

A: Oh No! That's very ImpressIve

ฺB: Come on man I'm kidding.Oh, oh, sit right here
sit right here

A: Y see that girl

B: Cool!

A: I bet you fIve bucks, if you can talk with her more than 100 words.

B: Ok! I bet

A: Excuse me! Can I sing charity

C: OK.

Until A finished singing. He come back with his smile

B: Take this five bucks.

A: Thank you


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ต่อจากความเดิมตอนที่แล้ว (ถามเองตอบเอง(5))

A felt bad for his love. When he back home, A's Father asked him.

A's Father : How are y today?

A : Badly

A's Father : Why?

A : I tried to talk with her but she don't play with me.

A's Father : Come on, Life will knock us down but we can choose

whether or not to get back u

A : Thx you! my father

A's Father : Never mind! my son.


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A: Hey, Will, how’s it goin’?

B: Not a lot.

A: Hey Y see that girl(C). She is so very sexy.

B: Yeah, it was awesome.

A tag her on the way

A: Do I know you before?

C: NNeverrr

A: Can you come...

C: Go awayyyy

A: Urr

B: HaHa


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