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Tormek TBT401 T-4 Sharpening System Hand Tool Kit

Description : Tormek TBT401 T-4 Sharpening System Hand Tool Kit

This package includes the T-4 System and the Hand Tool for one great price! The T-4 allows you to get access to the Tormek high quality sharpening system at a favorable price and it is ideal for sharpening woodworking hand tools, knives and scissors. The heart of the T-4 is the Tormek SG-200 8" x 2" grinding wheel turning at 120 rpm through water which acts as a lubricant for faster grinding while it continuously cools the tool edge to prevent "bluing" the metal. After grinding, 5" x 1" genuine leather honing wheel gently removes the burr and hones the edge to razor sharpness. The T-4 System includes the Angle Master, Honing Compound, Handbook, Stone grader and Instructional DVD and is backed by a seven-year warranty. The Hand Tool Kit includes the Knife Jig, Long Knife Jig, Scissors Jig, Axe Sharpening Jig, Small Knife Holder and Short Tool Jig.

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