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inexplicably, i just decided that i want to learn cooking

somehow i have an overwhelming urge to seriously learn how to properly cook. this will probably happen sometime after my exams and during my dissertation period.

now it may be because i visited this blog // the food there just looks so fucking yummy it made me wander around my flat looking for food. all i could find were hams, microwavable food, frozen food, etc. it depressed me a lot.

but my personality might not be best for cooking. i hate anything that requires concentration and delicacy. unfortunately cooking requires both. BUT i think i'm pretty good with my hands eyes coordination and somehow i feel i have a certain flair for the creative. maybe i'd be able to cook, but the kitchen will be in such a fcking mess.

also, i've always noticed in murakami's models that the protagonist always cook and appreciate good food. take the guy in the wind-up bird chronicles, ah he makes me want to cook and clean up my room!

anyway, so this summer, i'd probably learn how to cook. the thing is i'm afraid i'd become fat, fat, FAT! and working out is not very indie. ah well.


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อนิจจาน่าเสียดาย ฉันทำชีวิตหายเสียครึ่งหนึ่ง


what a wonderful poem ...


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so often the reality is so fragile as though the frabic of existence is just a fine veil shrouding the absurdity of nonexistence. the only thing keeping the veil from slipping away is our memories. the tiny remnants of fractured hopes and dreams, pain and bliss, torture and triumphs, all but twinkling dimly in the irreversible passage of time.

this memoir of mine is for the sole reason of documenting the grains of memories scattered through time.

treasure it.
preserve it.
for we are but a bundle of bygone sensations.


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