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Wishlist item number 2: Vintage pedals

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff (made in Russia)

Price: i have no clue

yeah, i want some cool stompbox as well! this one seems like THE fuzz pedal. i think will b great cus i wanna do noisy stuff .. shoegazey.

i think other effects should already b covered by the tonelab. maybe i'd want another delay pedal though.


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Wishlist item number 1: Vox Tonelab

Price: circa 17,000 baht

ahh this is so tasty looking! i was deciding between buying new amps--i want an vox amp of course!--and buying amp models, and i decide to settle on this.

one of the main reason is that i need to DI my guitar into my soundcard ... because i think i'd only have time to work on my music at nights ... and if i were to mic the amps up it would be too loud! but so far, from using pc modeled amps like .. the simulanalog stuff (// and micing up (shure sm58 with fender champion 30 amp <-- not so good) i think micing gives me soooo much better sound.

BUT that said, the tonelab has tubes in it! although i've read reviews that the tubes may be a tad overrated, it stil looks very sweet. and it seems it's very good for vintage tones and for the not so high-gain sound--just what i'm looking for!

so this is my first item on the list!


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