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My iPod circulation: lots of pop, and rock; some new shoegaze; nice thai ones; and etc.

because i'm in the library most of the times nowadays, the iPod play list is very mellow and easy listening. therefore, i have tons of indie pop in my playlist right now which i have just uploaded with brand new songs (slsk!).

some picks

indie pop:
lots of poppy sounding retro-y loungey stuff.

ivy - just got loads of album from them, very soothing continental guitar pop.
sondre lerche - been there a long time, super 60's sounding pop.
architecture in helsinki - crazy people
beulah - again easy listening retro pop/rock
the boy least likely to - damn hard to find! but class tunes
the wannadies - just found out (at last) who sang the 'together song'

indie rock:
bloc party & maximo park - quality brit rock (art-punk? whatever). definitely flavour of the month now
broken social scene - you forgot it in people - just found it, but it's so damn good!
death from above 1979 - funky & hard stuff
interpol - lately i've really been into them! just so many good songs. now i'm quite into 'take you on a cruise' and 'c'mere'
arcade fire - soon to be way overhyped!!! current issue of nme - they have about 5 mentions of arcade fire and each time they act as if they are the best kept indie secret (nooo)

new shoegaze stuff:
autolux - future perfect - now this is the most quality of the bunch. the sound is tight, modern, and very crisp.
radio dept - not as good as the hype led me to believe. just extreme lo-fi. some good songs, but not that good.
amusement park on fire - this sounds like emo really. don't like it :(

goose - enough said! track 11 is brilliant. but some of the songs in the album is not as strong or else it'd b one of the best album ever
พราว - for old times' sake
penguin villa - cute!
modern dog - that song - good enough, don't complain
ละอองฟอง - so good quality swedish (but aren't we thai?) pop. especially the song รัก from the first album. can play it on guitar now, but so hard to sing & play at the same time this song!

ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong - jam packed with the best standards by the best jazz diva of all time
explosions in the sky - those who tells the truth shall live .. - phenomenal; best example of the 'post-rock' in my opinion
13 & god - notwist collaboration with some other guy. haven't listened to it fully yet but seems more electronic than the actual notwist releases

ok, now i'm off to the library!


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upcoming bands: mystery jets - zootime, bloc party, the subways, and tom vek

these three are the upcoming bands

mystery jets - zootime

this is one crazy band. i'd like comments from people who've heard them. they are completely crazy and i'm very intrigue by their craziness.

bloc party

they have just recently gone big. i've listened to them a year ago when they released their very, very good single 'little thoughts' (best one imo). the new album is great, very british, very rock. they will be the next franz ferdinand no doubt about it. (so should i begin hating them now?)

the subways

another one of those garage bands with "the" names. a three piece band with a girl on the bass. i've put them here since the girl is very, very cute!.

besides that the song (single - oh yeah) is ok although im really sure that their other songs will be crap.

tom vek

another strange guy. kraut-rockish, bedroom sounding stuff. sounds similar to TV on the Radio to me. funky songs. i like the song "if you want". they have the new single out, "i ain't saying my goodbye".

haven't listened to the full album yet though, so it could be crap. anyhow, i think it's very interesting.

lastly, if any of you got the chance, tune into MTV2's "120 Minutes". IT'S A GREAT SHOW.



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this section features interesting upcoming bands, things i am currently listening to, noteworthy old bands, and my comments on things i have listened to


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