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Valentine's Month

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Vermont  United States

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My name is Boat...
I'm very quiet, shy and naive.

I don't have many friends, but I love all of my friends.I don't expect them to love me, but I'm always here when they need me.

Life can be very miserable, but it won't always be.So,never stop chasing your dream or believing in yourself.

Sometime you don't know what will come, sometime you do. Always be prepared and have fun with what you have got.

I never expected that I would be married to a very wonderful man. He was the missing part of my life, and We've found each other. He makes me feel like i am the luckiest women in the world ^_^

So, never loose you faith in love. Sometime you need to give somebody a chance. Don't judge people too quickly until you get to know them well.

Cheer up!