"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." -Albert Einstein

Another reason why we should writ our congress person..

A family was heading for another the city for the new year celebration.While sitting at the traffic light there's an RV approaching from the rear. At full speed the driver sees it coming and what about to happen but has not enough time to warm the passengers; his wife, an 8 years old son, a 5 years old daughter and aged  parents in-law, of his view.

As expected, the RV slammed the truck in which family sat, salvaged the truck and damaged the one in front of it, to everyone amazement there's no fatality to be observed. Instead of visiting relatives and celebrate the Holiday the family spending the afternoon and the next day at an Emergency room at a near by hospital.

The worse yet to comes when the driver reporting the accident to the insurance company. The adjustor report that per a 'No fault state' besides the vehicle's responsibilities the RV driver does not responsible for the family medical bill!!

All the nature of the accident, eyes witnesses and all, the RV driver walked away while the family; whose only intention was to take a short road trip and visit other family members, dealing with huge medical expenses that hardly of their own fault.

Out of frustrations the driver openly wept at his first discovered and again last night when he was telling us about the incident at the gym while any of us could barely done anything to comfort him. Seeing his wife and young children horror faces and brushes faded away, the fresh memory of incident will remains and haunting him, for the rest of his life, he bitterly announced.


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