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Updating; Master D’s condition

Upon entering the parking lot we’d scan the lot in hope to see if there’s a black Bronco belong to Master D would be in its usual spot. To our disappointment there is none, going on the third weeks now, our tremendous concerns for him become unbearable. An inquiry makes after class does not put our mind at ease, nonetheless.

Without revealing much of the information we gathered that up to three more weeks of resting is a requirement.

Like most organizations, regardless of sizes, if there’s a member is missing the whole organization somehow became disorganized. This institution is a well-run, however without Master D; an essential and valuable member, the rest feel the uneasiness, some more than others and in differences ways.

As students, my children were not affected directly; there are no changes on the routine schedules to be made but with difference instructor (s). The most effects were in form of psychologically, being around each other for certain of time they have developed some un-spoken understanding, with a new instructor these, along with others things need a new establishing.

As a parent, familiarity is the most comfort when dealing and concerning the children and safety. I’m getting to know the new instructor and trust his credentials. I admitted there are some doubts but the trusts I placed on him smoothed out the concerns.


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