"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." -Albert Einstein
Live the life learn from the mistake

Besides my professional , I like to do things by myself and pretty good with my hands. I spend last two years  fixing up my home and the garden. From dawn to dust I either fixing up things in the house or outside planting the flower and veggies. My home is .38 acer, It's take a lot of work to fill up the yard. Once finished my home was the nicest and attracting so much attention. People stop by with words of compliment. At the same time I feel stiffness and swollen in and around my left wrist. 

At first I thought it simply over working and the condition should subsides once I stop, thinking back it was alarming! many years ago I failed and injured both my left wrist and right ankle and it never seems to regain it full recovery afterward. This could be serious , I told myself. 

I was not surprise to be diagnosed with CTS, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; compression of the median nerve, repetitive and or over used. 

During 2005-2008 I was heavily exercise including Yoga. All those years I was experiencing difficulty using my left arm, too. Yoga, especially the Hatha yoga become a contraindicated, I gave up them all together later on that year. 

My body has been sending many warning signs; it's time to take care of it, but the message never register until now. It's maybe a bit late but at lest I finally get it and will take any necessary action in order to get my health back. 

I was neglect, over used and took my body for granted. A mistake I wish no one would replete.  

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