"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." -Albert Einstein
An unexpected visitor

Not that our neighborhood is ridiculously at risk but more so per privacy reasons. Normally, I’d closed down all the blinders at dusk, every night without failed. Moreover, there are nights I decided against it and let the home be on the open and there’s come the surprise.

Surrounded by the wetland and wildness, particularly this section of town; where the one side is proximal to hundreds acres state park, numbers of natural streams and water sources on the other, wild animals are common.

Through the wide glass door I saw an animal, at first and alarmingly, my eyes refused to let the image registered and therefore my mind ruled out the probability. It can’t be a bear! I tell myself and desperately trying to control the anxiety forming inside me.

A black, 60 CMs or so in height bear is roaming around my back yard just distance away from where I’m seated in comfortable of my very own living room. A brief pause confirmed that he, too, noticed and unmistakably looks right at me.

Observing the gait, body language and the calmness I knew he is not at all foreign around here. Next door neighbors confirmed my instinct when I consulted them the following morning.
He has been around for some period of time; patronizing the area without causing any harm and our back yard is his choice of walking trail, nightly at the predictable time and manner.

Since, he’s our ‘before bed time’ guest and we managed to return his polite gaze.

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that's so exciting.. be careful na ka...

โดย: anigia วันที่: 25 ตุลาคม 2554 เวลา:20:13:37 น.  

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